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Nemisis dam

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After reading "Small Dam" I decided to post this query asking advise... :blue-redface:

Fishing Minini Dam for about 8 months now and have a very poor succsess rate there, fished all other dams Inanda, Goedies, Alberts, Wild Acres etc... and have fair to good trips, Minini is 15 min away and it gives me a challenge (note the 8 months), Dam size is small, run my Mallards Classic on it (dont need to drain the carbs) plus give me time fishing with my "Toppie"

My question, why do I battle at this water, its warm 25degC (currently), stained water all year round(winter clears a bit), drop offs, humps, cliffs, flats, hyacinth issues, reeds, 3 inlets, max depth 38foot, 98 to 100% full year round, +/-50 years old, reports say over 3.5kg fish caught, seen Jos catch a 1.7kg other than that my "PB" there is 960g and 2 fish max per outing.

Fished cranks, senko, flukes, brush hog, spinner, texas, mojo, weightless, fast, slow, colours black, junebug, watermeolen/red, etc...

any ideas please
No answers or ideas Fisheagle. :blue-doubt:

I whent there for the first time about 18 months ago and could not believe what I saw, just like you mentioned, it looked perfect. I thought this is it, bass heaven on my doorstep, not to be. I stopped going there after a couple of times as fishing was poor every time. Yet they claim their are nice bass in that dam, there is a photo of a plus 4kg bass somewhere on the web that came out there.
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
Fab and I have fished that dam on several occassions and it has never really produced. I think it is too small for the kind of pressure that it gets and I don't think that it has a healthy population of bass to start with. I've seen this with similar sized farm dams that have a few big resident bass. People hear about the good fishing, hammer it and switch gets thrown. I think we have all seen that even in the bigger impoundments where a particular spot (say the Hump/Island at Inanda) is firing but it gets overpressured over time and the bite dies completely. Whether the fish move, die from injuries or simply get wise, I don't know but the effect it quite dramatic.
i have never fished this dam so i cant comment...

small must find the fish in the dam then move with them...the more difficult the fish would be to get out the thick of things is the most likely place you will find them...the smaller the floatation device the better your chances of catching fish.

open water extremely light tackle and small lures...thick cover minimum 50 lb braid big heavy punch the of cover long baits which will generate vibration.

an example if you leave the frog on top of the lily pad you think they dont know its there i have seen bass come through the thickest cover after a couple of minutes and take it off the top...and boy will your blood start pumping from the excitement :blue-biggrin: especially when they are 2 kg plus.

i have heard jigs are a good option in thick cover but i personally have never fished a jig in a small dam.

the best thing about small dams is we all comunicate with each other and can see how the other people are catching fish...and everyone shares info.
I love fishing small Dams and have had great success on them, Bainfield and Shongweni to name a few. No motorboats, jetskis and the general chops that race up and down, sneakers and float tubes, its peaceful bliss, but I can't catch a fish at Shongweni on plastics only cranks and at Bainsfield no cranks only plastics, whats up with that, surely you would think at some point I would catch on any lure, maybe I must just persist.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Mnini is my "home dam" so to speak!!!

I have always been able to catch a couple of fish there per outing and in the summer have hardly ever failed to get a limit. The secret to that dam is to persevere and to fish each and every spot thoroughly.

Brad - the dam does not get alot of pressure. The most activity on that dam has been 4/5 boats at a time and it isnt THAT small.

I suppose everyone has their good dams and not so good dams. EG: Prior to my last trip at Goedetrouw I struggled to raise a bite let alone catch the size and quantity of fish that Norkie, Warren and Fisheagle caught over the last month or so :blue-evil: :blue-shock: I suppose it all boils down to confidence and a bit of knowledge of the venue :blue-question:
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