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Goedertrouw Oct 16

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Met up at Mark's place around 03:30. It was raining, cold and miserable, but we were off to Goedies to go Lunker hunting and kak weather wasn't gonna stop us. Arrived at 06:10 and I thought that they had moved the dam because you couldn't see the water looking down from the dam wall. The mist was full up. Launched and we decided to start off working the wall. Mark tried a froggy and a spook with no luck. I started off with a 1/4ounce Football Jig. On the first cats I landed a fish of +-1.5kg's. Mark had switched over to mojo rigged brush dog. Focussing on my lure I heard Mark set the hook on "something". "Are you stuck?" Nope...The "rock" started stripping line from the get go and unfortunately the hook pulled. Chuckling to myself, I knew that we were in for a day. Just what we needed to wake us up and get the blood pumping. We spent some time at the wall, but unfortunately most off the time was spent rerigging as we would get stuck on every second cast.

We moved over to the banks where Drew and Charles were fishing last Saturday. Being time for breakfast, I sat down with my sarmie and wettie watching Mark. Mark sent his lure out and I told him to hold on. One turn of his reel and his line just went taaight. Set the hook!! Snap, line off!! 0 for 2 for Mark and feeling bleak. Breakfast time over I sent out my lure to the same spot. Felt pressure so I set the hook, but missed it. While reeling it back and talking kak with Mark the rod was nearly yanked out of my hands. "Fish on!" We knew she was a biggy by the fact that she just would not give up. Finally landed her and she pulled the scale down to 2.94kg. What!! Never, check again. Same. She was a really long slender fish and Mark reckoned she was spawned out and would have weighed in excess of 4 if "full". We drifted over to the steep banks and jokingly I said to Mark that it's a kak spot and we are wasting our time. Mark went taaight, really taaight. We saw the fish. Mouth wide open, gills flairing and head shaking. Snap, line off. Fluckit!!! Another "Monster" lost!! 0 for 3 for Mark. We managed 3 more small ones (1 - 1.5kg) off that spot.

We spent some time at "The Cliffs", but only managed the odd 2kg model. By now the wind was pumping and we had to put out the drift sock to try and slow down, but no help. The kak thing about fishing in the wind is that it's difficult to keep in contact with your lure, but the fish at Goedies helps out with that by just screaming off. I managed 2 more fish of around 2.5kg and Mark caught a 1.7 and 1.4. At the end of the bank, I sent out a Texas Rigged hog and went taaight. The fish went straight down, pulling off line and also making the line sing in the wind. The fish launched itself out at the back of the boat and jumped higher than the outboard. Man those fish are on "juice". By now I was so gatvol of catching 2.5kg models and with Mark refusing to get the net (by now he was bleak about spending more time with the net in his hand than a rod) I decided to try a KVD move and swing it on baord. Oops, maybe she was more than 2.5...SNAP!!

Wanting to get out of the hurricane, we moved into "Wash Basin" with no luck. Mark decided to end the day at the point where he lost his piggy. I managed another 1.5 - 2kg model and decided to call it quits. While packing up Mark went on and it was yet another bus which ended with the same result. Fish off, hook pulled. 0 for 4. Shame!!

Awesome day out at an awesome place. Thanks again Mark. If I remember correctly, whe ended up with 7 fish of 2.5, 1 of 2.94 and a lot around 1.5 - 2kg mark. Goedies beware "WE WILL BE BACK!!"
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Well done Louis!!!

I know exactly what Mark feels sucks being the fckn net boy :blue-evil:
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just dont use the net... land the fishi urself...problem solved :blue-biggrin:
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MissBFSA Wrote:just dont use the net... land the fishi urself...problem solved :blue-biggrin:

Not that easy convincing a guy who might have a potential PB on the other end of the line to lip his own fish!!!! I for one wont be impressed if my boat partner expected that of me :blue-confused:
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Shot for the report Louis! :blue-biggrin:

Eish Goedies is an awesome dam, reading the report just makes me want to go there again. Pitty about the big ones that were long line released. :blue-doubt:
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I challenge all BFSA members to turf the net and only lip land, potential PB not.

You will not believe how rewarding it is to lift a 4kg fooshie into the boat without using a net. Warren and I have been doing it for months now, try it and you will have an adrenaline rush of note every time you lift a piggy! :blue-cool:
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Thanks for the report back Louis... I thought we had some new Ninja’s to be announced... You have to love that dam... every nibble can be a pig and it really teaches you to re-tie often and get your drag sorted out! We are heading there again on Wednesday! Whooo! And we will be using the net... if I lost a new PB because I was cocking around the edge of the boat trying to lip land a pig and lost it I would have to kill myself (after killing Norkie)! :blue-biggrin:
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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LVDW congrats on the Goedies.... report, glad to hear guys are braving the "bad" weather to fish. As for Jos, now :blue-cry: now :blue-cry: at being a "net boy" your turn will come :blue-biggrin: to hand over the net, thanks once again for the helping hand :blue-razz:
While packing up Mark went on and it was yet another bus which ended with the same result. Fish off, hook pulled. 0 for 4. Shame!!

Hard Times Mark :blue-confused: I can Imagine how you must have felt %****^77&88## :blue-evil: Must have been a Major adrenallin rush though :blue-badgrin:
robfisher Wrote:And we will be using the net... if I lost a new PB because I was cocking around the edge of the boat trying to lip land a pig and lost it I would have to kill myself (after killing Norkie)! :blue-biggrin:

Chicken! Don't be a woosie Rob .... turf the net and be a real fisherMAN. :blue-biggrin:
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what line were you fishing with ?
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Lekka report back Louis!!!! :eusa_clap: Makes us wanna go wet a line right now.... :blue-evil:

Unlucky with all the long line releases Mark :eusa_boohoo: :eusa_doh: .... What line were you guyz using that you had so many snap-offs???

What colours did you guys find working?? Did you have any joy with cranks or didn't you throw any??

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Howzit Guys,

We used WM Gold/Red Brush Hogs. Mark was the only 1 using cranks, but no luck.

We were both using Siglon 13lb Flouro (Kak stuff), since I spooled up with that I've had countless shyt!!
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Mmmmm..... Strange that you having problems with Siglon Louis as that is what I use and haven't had any k@k.... :roll: :blue-confused:

I snapped once only and it was directly after a nice foooshie.... :eusa_doh: I didn't check my line and could feel it was chaiffed after I had snapped.... Now I inspect my line more often..... :eusa_clap:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Hey Louis those 2kg guys do make a nascence of them selves at that dam.
Dammit you making me want to go there again next week !! :blue-badgrin:

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