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Mnini direction's

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Hi there all

I saw there was some excitement about the 4kg bass that came out my (back yard dam Big Grin ) Mnini .

So here is some directions how to get there.

When coming from Durban on the N2 you will take the mnini/umgababa turn off (128)
top turn right proceed to T junction turn Left (M14 South) travel exactly 2.4KM turn
right on to dirt road from there the dams entrance is 400m on the left hand side.

There are braai areas as well as a toilet and fresh water.
Entrance is R25/person and R15 per boat trailer and no half price for half day.

Hope to see you there
PS: This dam is not huge so can easy just use a sneaker motor around the dam.
In some areas nice rocky banks as well as some reeds around with overhanging trees

:wink: Till we meet
Thanks Vic! So little time and so many places to fish!

Big Grin Smile Sad
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Howzit Vic!!

Thx for the directions!!! Have you fished Mnini??? We need to meet up and go boet.... I haven't been there myself and with it just being in our backyard, it would be gr8 to have a dam so close to home that is working!!!! Give me a shout!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
mmmm Fab, that's cool, be like that. My offer not good enough? I'll sabotage that new Quantum of yours boet!! :twisted:
Thanks Vic! Must go there soon. Been past the Umgababa turn off lots of time but never took note of how far it's from Durban? How far would you guys say it is? When are we meeting there? Kom manne...nuwe plek, nuwe vis en dalk nuwe PB's!
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Aish.... boet don't b like that..... lol.... i ch00ned you the last time this dam came up that u and i need to make a plan... u said u were going to bring ure rig and come down and I ch00ned that was a sweet deal.... when you bringing ure rig bud??? Ready for you to make plans any time!!!! We fish well together and eagerly wait the next opportunity to wet a line with you bud!!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Shweet, like I said before, you tell me time and place and I'll arrive with rig in tow.... it's just darn hard to avoid Albert Falls lately... secrect spot cooking up a storm. he he he :twisted:

Ure on boet!!!! U've got the rig up at alberts at the moment.... when you bringing it back down???

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
... when I stop catching 10kg+ bags !!!
So not going to be fishing Mnini any time soon i take it??? lol...

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
ha there fab

i went there on thuesday and cought about 6 in a hour all about 0.5kg to 1kg all male think the females were taking care of there yung ones

went there on wed after all the rain and plenty off activity but no action on the rod
water was a bit muddy and think there were a lot of food around

i normaly go and fish there on sat afternoons so give me a shout
my cell no is 0824930402
and we can hook up at the dam one sat afternoon

till later chow
Hey there Vic,

Thx for the reply!!!!

Tell me, were you fishing from the edge or a boat??? If you don't have a boat, how much water access is there if you want to fish from the bank???

Also, what lures were u using???

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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