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Ni Hao!

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Hi All,

My name is Justin and I'm addicted to bass fishing!

Started about a year ago, but took a relocation to China where there are no fishing opportunities to be had to realize it.

My wife thinks I'm having an affair since I disappear for whole days and return without fish :blue-lol: Anyhow, that wouldn't change even if I kept what I caught since I'm not very good at this yet.

Enjoying it for the few days every few weeks I'm back in SA, but wish I could get a better than 1:1437 catch to cast ratio :blue-sad: .

Anyhow, my setup

- Shimano Cruacial 6.6, Daiwa Viento with 17 lbs braid - mostly worming and heavy structure
- Daiwa spinner / crankin' (forget the model number) with Abu Revo STX 15lbs mono - used for almost anything with exposed hooks including top water baits at the mo.
- Daiwa inshore spinning rod, Daiwa Exceller 3500, 17lbs braid

The spinning rig is a little heavy for the sole use of throwing light baits, but I use it for drop shot at the coast too.

I've got my sight set on a Calcutta TE DC 5.0:1 to go with a top water rod, but my ship was last spotted off the coast of Atlantis. When it gets here......

In SA, I live walking distance from middle dam and 2 minutes drive from Homestead dam in Benoni.

Will post some pics of my meagre catches when I get a gap in the next days.

I've already learnt a thing or two browsing and hope to learn and contribute more as I start catching !!!

well a warm welcome from the beast from the east as i stay in benoni too so does little G AKA G -man so if you need any help or wanna catch a ride on my boat call me or drop me mail but hey we were all there and in the same boat i didnt caught a fish for the first 3 months of fish i didnt know anything but you will learn from the website and mags but the best place to learn is on the back of a boat as you pick up on things from other anglers but there is a quick fix go to bass lake and take a floattub or you can use mine as you will get 50 to 100 bass easy but not big scraps but fish is fish when you are starting and try murry park look if you cant buy a boat get a floattub as you can fish all the dams on one but keep to small dams as you dont wanna be on witbank if the wind picks up and if you fishing middledam junebug fluke or senko always works a cross the dam by the reeds or sometimes a white spinner bait can also work and applies for homestad too (the best is junebug flukes) but if you need any help or gr8 dicount from mias as i bought shares in there bcoz i spend so much money there we are here once again welcome
@ Justinw,

If you didn't understand a word of that, call me, I'll translate!!! lmao :blue-badgrin: :blue-biggrin: :blue-badgrin:
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Welcome JustinW, I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.
You'll get lots of help here to improve your catch rate
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Welcome Justin,

You came to the right place at the right time,

These okes knows their wiskey........ uhum I mean stuff :blue-redface:
Thanks All!

Bassanator,thanks for the tips and I might take you up on the offer, but I'm heading back east for a few weeks so fishing will be limited to the Wii.

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