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Lake Victoria

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I know this is not a bass related question but I'm going to Lake Victoria in two weeks time and will have a day or so for fishing. Apparently it has a type of tilapia and nile perch (up to 240Kg) etc.

Any suggestions on tackle and lures??? I’m clueless what to pack. :blue-doubt: This is going to be fun :blue-cool:
A Nile Perch is like a Bass in many ways, Crankbaits are probably you best bet.
Although they have been caught over 200kg, the normal size is up to 10kg with the odd bigger one of around 20kg. They'll give you a good go on bass tackle. The Tilapia species also takes lures. I watched a fly fishing show on that lake and any baitfish profile caught both the Tilapia and the Nile perch. I think they got around 6 or 7 different species of tilapia.
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There are lots of fish species in that lake , many are caught and breed for the aquarium trade. A fly rod is not a bad idea for targeting a wide range of species there.
Thanx shannon ... I think of going for braided line. Which colour do you think will do???
Warrenx maybe your suggestion is not a bad one as I have to watch my luggage weight. What line (sinking or floating) & flies will you suggest I take .
I am not sure what works there I watched a flyfishing program a few months back , it might have been wildfly fishing series maybe you could email them for info .
Howzit BassAddict

As Shannon said the Nile Perch would be similar to bass in many ways.
Most of your cranks should work,I would even try swimbaits.
Ive seen them use rather large cranks in many programs.
Fly gear woul also be a good idea as that place should be teaming with many different
species,I would go with medium/slow sink and intermediate but if you're able
take floating too because you never know what the conditions will be like.

Although spearfished,look at the size of that !!

[Image: nile_perch.jpg]
Ive seen the classic red and white coloured crank in many
photos and programmes.

[Image: nb%20002.jpg]
[Image: nb%20014.jpg]
That first fish is a Brindle Bass aka Goliath Grouper (saltwater) but the others are Nile Perch.
I've seen and read that they like bright coloured lures in Orange, yellow and so on, but as Charles Norman says if you put it in front of him he'll eat it.

Do a google search on "fishing in Lake Victoria", you pick up that there are currently 270 species of fish in the lake, there used to be 500 but with the ecological disasters they have been having there half of them have been wiped out. So your fishing might be tough :blue-doubt:
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BassAddict Wrote:Thanx shannon ... I think of going for braided line. Which colour do you think will do???

I would use green, apparently the water up there is full of algae, with visibility down to about 1m.
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Remember to take lots of photos if you manage to hook a Nile perch or 2, it's not something we see everyday. And give us a nice report back :blue-biggrin:
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basstid Wrote:Although spearfished,look at the size of that !!

[Image: nile_perch.jpg]

What kind of chop kills a fish like this, and then thinks he's a hero?

Sorry for the hijack on the Lake Victoria thread.
Thanks shannon for the info. I will give it a try and give some feed back.

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