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Lake Victoria

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BassAddict, you didn't mention where abouts on Lake Victoria you would be stationed. It's a mother sized lake and not everywhere has facilities to get onto the water and I believe that the fishing can vary greatly and the southern end is generally quite brown. I have been to Mwanza many times but never got an opportunity to fish there. Odds are you might be passing through Mwanza as it is the largest town on the Tanzanian shores. If you do then your best bet is to call in at the Hotel Tilapia and find out if there is a boat to take you out fishing from there. The Hotel Tilapia is well known so any Taxi driver could take you there (also the best place to stay in Mwanza).
Hi Millpond

I'm going to Entebbe at the Uganda side. Do not know what to expect but taking my rods with in case oppertunity presents itself.
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If you are going to Entebbe then you must get yourself to Murchison falls if at all possible. You can actually fish from the side there and catch Nile Perch but there are definitely places that will run charter boats and guide you from Entebbe. From what I understand this is the best part of the lake to catch Nile Perch as they are not as heavily caught up there. In the Tanzanian waters they are commercially harvested in their thousands of tons. They actually fly at least one Antonov a day out of Mwanza with 20 + tons of frozen Nile Perch fillets to Europe (there are two processing factories in Mwanza). By all accounts the Ugandan waters are the best. Good luck and be sure to post some photo's of your monster perch on this site when you return :blue-smile:
Jeepers Millpond +- 20 tons of fish per day ?? Can the lake sustain that kind of Fishing Pressure. :blue-question: Sounds as bad as the Boats from the EAST Fishing in our territorial waters. Sounds like you know the situation ??
Aparently the Nile Perch stocks are in serious trouble in the Tanzania waters. Unfortunately the government does not see the need to protect its natural resources very well. Which is pretty lousy. The situation is the same off the coast too. Longliners rape the ocean there and the locals fish with dynamite! I have presonally had a close encounter with one of the dynamite fishermen idiots fishing off Dar with a little tin boat. They dynamite the shoals of Tuna and Bonito mainly but they also "fish" inshore for the reef fish and have decimated most of the reefs along the coast. Not only of fish but also the coral itself. Very sad to see. The Kenyans (just next door) on the other hand manage their fisheries well and the ocean fishing is fantastic there. They also protect their land animals too (hunting is completely prohibited) after they shot most of it out in the early 1900's. Isn't it sad that people have to wait until a resource is almost completely gone before they decide to protect it?

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