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Hummingbird Weathersense

I have just installed my new Humminbird Weathersense. The unit is very easy to install and set up.

It was basically "plug n play", as soon as I switched on the unit a new menu tab was added to the menu bar. I'm really looking forward to use this piece of equipment. After calibrating it to the local altitude and some other preferences it was A for away.

The weathersense page displays the realtime barometric pressure as well as an hourly reading for the last 12 hours on a trend. Based on the current pressure fluctuations it also gives you a a prediction for the next 12 hours. The prediction include "sunny", "partly cloudy", "cloudy" and "rain".

I think this addition could be really useful if you believe in the effect of barometric pressure on fishing patterns.
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Oh Ruffy… you want me to get divorced and spend my days camping at the dam and just fishing… don’t you? I assume you installed this on your SI?
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Yes Sir! I'll do some screen caps and post it after the weekend!
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Hey Ruff
I have a big Humming shhhhhh th just want to ask u where did u get ur weather reader rapala didnt have in stock bass proshop is asking 89 usd for that unit

i love to see when is going to rain :Smile))


I ordered it through Gideon of Tackle2go. He got it from Rapala, I think? Ordered it last week and it was here on Tuesday!
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Thanks Ruffy
i will find out from rapala or next month im in state i will get in there so

MR;SPIKE-IT :blue-idea:

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