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BM Classic 2008

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I had a look at the bassmaster classic standings and some of the boys are struggling after a big cold front whent through Birmingham, USA.

Richard Watson is 40th after day one, with 5 fish weighing 7,9 pounds.
Peter T, Ish Monroe, Chris Lane, Timmy Horton, Mike Mcclelland and last years classic champ Boyd Duckett are all behind Richard.

The biggest bag of the day was caught by a rookie Charley Hartley 21 pounds, second was Scott Rook and third Kevin van Dam both with 20 pounds something.
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I see Richard moved up to 29th position with a second day bag of 14-1. Moer hulle Richard!!!! :eusa_clap:
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Is it on ESPN? I looked at the schedule but see nada.
No coverage on ESPN Q, :blue-mad: I had a look at the website to see the standings
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ja, it was sad to see that Richard did not make the cut for the final day.
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For those of you that met Judy Wong last year at the Golden Horse Casino you will be happy to know she took the Ladies title! Whoooo! Go Judy! She is so down to earth and spent time with me after the bass chat giving me info on drop shotting which at the time I had never heard of.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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yip rob saw that, only thing that sux is the winner of the womens classic gets $60-000 and the mens winner gets $500-000. still it is awsome for her and the sponsors will come a nocken at her door! :blue-cool:
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Richard can still be comended on his efforts! I would settle for 29th in the BM Classic any day! Hell 50th would do!! lol :blue-biggrin:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
As soon as Richard is back, I will get all the news on his outing and post it.I am fishing with Anre de V tomorrow and he can arrange a meeting for me.

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