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electric motor

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howzat ppl. i want a boat! i want a boat! ok i'll settle for a dingy.
i wanna know about electric motors. prices they go for and batery life. what make ect. any info will help
depends if you want hand or foot controled, i think minn kota is best!
i bought a hand control 1 last year for R1500, new and use it on my 3,5m duck.
if you can, mount the motor in the front of the boat, it is better for steering the trolling motor to pull rather than push!
buy a good battery, deepcycle only.
Howzit lazy-ike!!!

Want you want is totally budget related..... I think when u looking for something, get a total affordability figure in mind..... Remember you don't need to get everything at once, but you do need basics.... The dams you going to be fishing also plays a big part on your craft selection. If you going to be doing pvt farm dams etc then a little dingy will do just fine.But when you start with your bigger dams... well and outboard would be needed and your dingy might be out of its depth.... hehehe.... no pun intended!!!

Battery- deltec deep-cycle 105Ah

Sneaker- minn kota 40lb thrust and if you can afford it go for foot controlled... Makes life soooooo much more comfortable for fishing. It allows you to have botth hands on your rod and reel at all times.... Believe me on this one, I've fished with a tiller arm control sneaker and then went to foot.... Chalk and cheese buddy!!!! You can't compare them!! As for prices... well you best shop around.... I do know that Drew has just bought one and he paid R4300 for it if I'm not mistaken!!!

Hope this helps a little!!!

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Well you could always get an Aluminum flat bed boat. I think they are advertised on the SABASS they are cheap, and a minn kota 30pd Endura. fits 2 people standing for less than R4300

The only advantage a inflatable boats really has is that you could fit it in the back of a car. Not much else.

When you get extra money you could bet a 10 - 15 motor for the longer runs. will save a lot of battery life

Just my 2cents.. As I have a very limited budget.
thanks guys that helped. how long does the battery last?
lazy-ike.... if you only have battery power with a 105Ah and a new minn kota..... All day!!!! When you bass fish and u have a outboard with a big dam, it makes sense to use the outboard. So no outboard, limited on dam size!!!! But you definitely can get to more area than fishing the bank!!!

We had engin trouble at the Inanda fish-off and had to use the sneaker.... We had it on speed four for 3hrs straight and still had life in the battery!!!!

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I have a little tug10 with a 30lb trolling motor/ 100amp/hr. Great for small dams like murry park or benoni lake but I would not rcommend it for places like witbank or rust de winter. Whole setup new from outdoor marine was about R6500. There is a pic of it in the gallery in general pics. I think it is labeled zinkwazi and me and my son are on it.
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You are welcome to use it for a day and try a small boat out before you spend money.
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Pomerob..... what a gentleman and such an honourable gesture!!!!! You rock buddy!!!!

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I have a Minn Kota 30lb endura and with a 75Ah battery can fish a full day under normal conditions. That motor is now used for my canoe (was on my old boat) and at the end of a day's fishing still have lots of life in the battery.
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