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Fishing near the Cavern

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I am going to the cavern [ northern berg ] for a few days next week with the family . They only have trout dams so I guess I will have to try that for a change!!

I see Woodstock dam is around 30km from the resort , Is it worth bank fishing that dam [ no boat going with ] or would it be a waste of time!
Any other smaller dams in that area good for fishing for bass with my 5 year old son??
Sorry Warren I don’t know that area at all… but I got my trout on a 5” Dinger June Bug…. So take some of them with! ;-)
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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dont think they are going to be too keen on the bass rods , There is a resort nearby that has a bass dam I will see if they allow day visitors.
That area is full of big dams - woodstock , sterkfontein , spioenkop and a few other smaller dams!!
Sterkfontien has got very good yellow fish fishing from the side just take a pair of polorized sunglasses. Tight lines. Take a spinning rod with a small D.A.M spinner Colours of choice red,yellow and silver or a fly rod blood worms work very well.
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