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Inanda Road

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I took my Grandson, Alex, to Inanda on Saturday. The good news is that the mud slides are gone. You can still see where they have been but the road is clear, so no road diggers to worry about. Just Cows and Goats.
We only caught small stuff, Alex got one about 800g and I lost a 2kg plus fish, mostly on Watermelon trick worms. Because it rained all morning I tried surface baits for about 3 hours, nothing. Does anybody want to give me some lessons? I'm obviously crap at it!
Alex got so cold in the rain that he declared that there was frost on his legs so we came away at 1pm. In general the water was clean and 22 celsius.
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All reports I’m hearing is that there are plenty of small ones being caught... and a lady got a 4,4kg PB at Inanda yesterday on a Fluke! The two chaps with her got nothing but rats and a couple of small keepers.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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