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Fishing Venues KZN

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Need some more places to fish ! pls help.

I have been at the following places :

Inanda , Shongweni , Albert Falls & Midmar Dam

Tuckers Bass Farm - fished 5 of the 7 dams
2 Private dams in Empangeni
5 Private dams in the Eshowe Area

The rest of the places that I have contacted did not allow day visitors
Hi Appel.
There's two more I can think of in terms of large dams and that would be Nagle and Hazelmere. Don't know what's happening at Hazelmere, but about 2 years ago a colleague of mine was catching loads of fish there. Nagle has produced some seriously decent fish, so I'd say go and check it out.
What private dams have you fished in Empangeni? I'm keen to know because i have a few private venues there.
Hi Drew

Thanks I forgot about Nagle & Hazelmere , will give it a try soon.

The one dam is below Carsdale Country Lodge B&B , a small dam between the sugar cane an it is a lott of fun .The other is on the outside of Empangeni , the back road to eshowe & melmoth about 2 kilos out of town
Nagle is a nice quiet dam to fish (no power allowed) and on the few occasions we have been there we have caught a good number of fish but none of them over a KG? don?t know why? but it was really cold at the time (3 degrees)? we always fished from the side (before we got the boat).
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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I think u r allowed to use main power, but treated as a no wake zone!!!! No getting up onto the plain etc etc..... I heard of some good fish coming out of Nagel..... only caught small stuff there myself, but, I've only fished there once!!!

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