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Directions to Inanda

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Directions to Inanda from JHB

Hello people :blue-biggrin:

Print this and take it with u 2 Inanda, it will help.

If you pass Maritzburg you will be on the N3 heading towards Durban.
Just after Hammarsdale, the highway winds up a steep hill. Just after the top of the hill, you must take the M13 fly off.
The very first off ramp from the M13 will go to Hillcrest. Take this off ramp and turn left away from the M13.
Carry on straight on this road for a few k's and you will get to a robot.
At the T-Juntion with the mentioned robot, turn right and head up the hill.
You will need to go through one set of traffic lights, and turn left at the next one that is only about 150m after the first. (Steers should be on the corner on your left.)
When u turn left u will be on Inanda road. Carry on straight for about 2,5km and look out for Fisher Road on your left.
Turn left into Fisher road and just drive straight for a bloody long time and you will get to the gate at Inanda. Just be careful though. You will go around a few corners and then go over a few speed bumps. They are there for a reason. The road is extremely steep and winds through some serious corners and hairpin bends. DO NOT turn off this road, just keep on going and winding and going, and you will end up right at the gate of Inanda.

It's as easy as that :blue-biggrin:
hey drew can i have 2 of those robots to clean my flat? :blue-lol:
Also watch out for the goats and the odd pissed local lying in the road :blue-lol:
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HAHA Tolla, If these guys have never been to the UK they wont get that one :blue-smile:
so true andrer :blue-lol:
I got it... thought that was sharp :blue-badgrin: I was a pro golf caddy on the European PGA, so I have done a little bit of travelling :blue-biggrin:
Vaalboy Wrote:Also watch out for the goats and the odd pissed local lying in the road :blue-lol:

Also watch for chickens and stinking dogs! Oh yes and the cows are rather doff as well!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Thanks, at least I can get to the dam now .. :blue-cool:
Knowledge is the key - Buck Perry
so on your way you can get a unwanted hitchiker, biltong on the grill of your bakkie and a guard dog? :blue-cool:
:blue-lol: :blue-lol:

And maybe get your tyres stolen of your cab while doing 100kmph :blue-lol:
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