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Outboard motors!

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Hi all, whats the deal with yamaha, mercury and evinrude in sa, they only seem to do certain models .
yamaha does not do a 150hp hpdi motor in sa, mercury does not do the 175hp optimax, and evinrude does not do the 150hp ho e- tec motor!
i have looked at their websites and the info looks very old on it, tried ringing evenrude dealers from cpt to jhb and found 1 helpfull dealer in natal.
it seems that there is more yamaha and mercury agents in sa , the closest evinrude dealer is a 1.1/2 hour drive away.
anny info would be appreciated
Howzit Tolla,

Your post is a little bit vague...... What exactly are you looking for??? Are you looking for reasons as to why they agents don't carry the entire range of motors or what?????

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
yes it just seems they dont do all the models, it's like they only do the big horse power motors, yamaha hpdi, evinrude e-tec , the guys in the states do the 150hpdi yamaha and in sa they only do normal150 or 4 stroke.
end of the day if a person does not get what they want, they go somewhere else, say if i wanted the yamaha 150hpdi and they dont do them, i would have to go to mercury and buy their 150 optimax.
these motors are more fuel efficiant, thus cost effective!
sometimes if feel that our choices in sa, are very limited!
hope this makes sense!
It sure does make sense Tolla.....

Unfortunately, it goes like that with most things here..... just look at the fishing tackle we have available in our tackle shops and look at the internet shops..... Look at the amount of reel models that r there that we don't even hear of here!!!!

The thing is that they know it is difficult to get something like that imported and a once off is hell-of-a-expensive.... So they have you by the short an curlies.... Buy what we stock or kak-'n betaal to bring one or have one brought here....

I have a perfect example with sneaker motors.... A friend saw one on the net and enquired at his tackle shop..... They said they don't stock it and would bring one in if he wanted.... R18000 he was quoted.... He told them where to get off and ordered over the net. In total he paid around R7000 for it!!!!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
know what you mean, it's like every 1 wants to make a 100% profit and thats when i shop somewhere else!
i tried to order a trolling motor from bassproshop once and they would not alow me to do it on the net!
i use to order lures with a friend back home and we split the shipping, way cheaper!

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