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Hi Guys,

We are possibly fishing a club comp there this month. Has anyone fished there lately or can offer some advice. The previous post on the dam was about a year ago.
Sorry Mark… I have never fished it… I want to fish it sometime because I heard there are smallies in the dam!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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All i can say Vaalboy is good luck.. its almost as bad as midmar.
I've only fished it once back in January this year but have made an oath to get back there and fish it again. It' is a small but beautiful dam. There are some nice laydowns accross from the main slipway (where the ablutions are) where we got a few decent fish (including a smallie) and there was plenty of water plant at the time (try weighless rigs in this stuff or it will drive you nuts clearing weed off your sinker every cast). The dam is full of bluegills so you often feel takes but cant set the hook only to realise that the Bluegill are tackling your bait but cant engulf it. There is another great spot to fish about 500m down the bank going left (from and on-the-water point of view) of the wall where it forms a bay that is actually a flooded donga. You can see the donga clearly above the water and there are some nice drop offs and gullies in this bay that produced fish for us. At the time the water was very clear and I Imagine that it might be more stained now with the recent rains in the area. In the clear water, baby brushhogs in watermellon seed worked best for us.
Please let us know how it went Vaalboy, I also need to go and try the dam sometime.

It's amazing that you have not been k@ked out by the elders on this site for holding your pig by the jaw and not supporting it like you do in your avatar. Maybe they still sussing you out! :blue-lol:
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I doubt any critisim as to the way the fish was handled is warranted.

As with every fish I catch - plenty TLC
[Image: normal_DSC00501.JPG]

I'm sure you handle all your fish with great care, like all of us. It was just interesting to note that when I used this picture of my PB as my avatar all the comments that was made regarding it not beeing good for big fish to be held by the jaw.
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