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New Dam Started

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Well - its official the new dam at Roosenekal and suurounding areas has got the go ahead (forgotten the name) The dam wwill be amongst others fed by the Olifants river.When full it will cover 1960 hectares.That is 3 1/2 times bigger than Injaka.I hope the powers to be do not deforest too much as this dam is going to be awsome.
Cool... where will it be??? dont know that area
roughly about 2,5hrs drive from pretoria, you go through middelburg. it's close to stofberg, wich is close to belfast ...we are talking about the same roosenekal...mpumelanga right.... :blue-rolleyes:
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Now is the time to get out there with a microlight and a camera boys!
Regards Rob
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I believe the estimated volume will be around 305 mil cubic liters. About 3 times the size of Witbankdam.

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