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Mnini Sep 22

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Got back from my Honeymoon on Thursday and after some serious "angling" it was time to wet a line again.

My father in law and I arrived at the dam at about 5h45 to find quite a number of boats already on the water - apparently they had some sort of informal competition on the go?

We nevertheless rigged one of the rental boats with my sneaker and off we went - my first cast with a rapala skitter pop produced a keeper of 1.35kg and I just knew that it was going to be a good day.

I thereafter got two smaller keepers on a weightless Horney Toad in a shallow bay close to the dam wall. My partner hooked a very nice keeper on a buzz bait but unfortunately it threw the hook right at the boat - I dont like guesstemating weight but think it was in the region of 2.5kg - definitely the biggest fish I've seen at Mnini.

Things went quite after that and we each managed another two keepers - one on spinnerbait for me and another on fluke. The old man caught both his on mojo rigged YUM SOOIE.

We got of the water at about 12h00 as the wind was becoming quite unbearable but at least I got a bag of 5kg+ and our combined bag would have been in the region of 6kg - not too bad for a morning on the water.

Tight lines
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Hey Jos
Where is Mnini?
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Just past Toti as far as I know!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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robfisher Wrote:Just past Toti as far as I know!

This is correct.... it is just past Toti, other side Winklespruit.... Near Umgababa... :blue-smile:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
It's not that place near the Ulta City is it? The one where the locals shoot you?
If not how do you get to it?
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You take the Umgababa off-ramp - turn left - at the T-junction turn left again - approx 2km down the road turn right into a dirt road - you cant miss it!!!

Have people been shot there? Have been fishing there quite frequently over the past 10 months and have never heard of any such incidents?
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oops - turn RIGHT at the bad :blue-redface:
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Thanks for the directions Jos, I'll nip down there next week. I don't know of anyone being shot lately but I have been told by people who have worked around there in the past of several violent incidents and theft from vehicles. I stress that this is not recently so maybe things have improved. There was certainly a lot of unrest in the area 10-15 years ago.
What's this about having boats for hire and does this mean that the water is run properly on a commercial basis? And who by?
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They have small rental boats available but you have to take your own sneaker motor.....the boats arent brilliant but at least you get around...??

The water is run by the Mnini fishing club.....its nothing glamorous but at least your car is safe whilst you fish as it is fenced off. There are also a couple of lapas and braai facilities if you wanna take the mussus and the laaities!!!
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Thanx Jos
I'll check it out
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