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What size boat?

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i've got a THunderbird with a 225 EFi merc!

She's stable in rough water, has a serious front deck (space) plenty of storage and speeds in excess of 120km/hr! she's light to tow and best of all ..... wait for it !! R 160 000 opposed to R300 000.

So you make your call ... i dont believe you need a boat longer than 18ft in south african waters ... only if you've got a family that generally fishes in which case you'll have 3 + on your boat!

The T-Bird is 17 and bit ft long ..and is the perfect tournement boat, stable, and light enough to handle on your own!

P.S> As VX says ... a Tbird and VX are to totally different boats ...but absolutely beautiful in the own ways!
Some very interesting comments - so to sum up - 17 - 18' is the boat for SA waters - buy what you can afford. Local boats - VX and Thunderbird seem to be the pick. Imported - well if you have the dollars, go for it :!: :?:
hi dudes , how about every body with a boat , post their rig setups - with a picture , this might give new oaks a better understanding of what to buy!
Dragon Fly FTP Mk III. Up grade from family boat to my first fully fledged bass boat

90 HP. Top speed 70km (at the mo). 2 live wells. 2 cooler boxes, 2 general storage compartments, 1 rod storage,2 battery and 1 fuel compartment. 47lb trolling. Very easy to tow. Launch and load by myself. 2 x fish finders, 2 x high chairs. Very very very economical on petrol Brand new R106K. 2nd hand 60 - 80K.

Stable on the water when moving but abit of a rocking horse in rough water when stationary. Front deck a bit narrow.

Pics already in gallery
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Rebel 532 Sport ? My very first Bass Boat

Features - 175HP Mariner. Top speed 95km (it probably will go faster when I learn to trim exactly and we get a real smooth day on the dam). 2 live wells controlled from the front of the boat and drivers consol. 1 cooler box, 2 big general storage compartments at the back and 1 at the front, 2 rod storage compartments and one compartment that takes my Plano boxes. 2 deep cycle batteries and one normal battery. Built in fuel tank (not sure how big it is but it takes around R450 worth of fuel) and a compartment for the oil tank? really smart sneaker motor (24 volt) with floor control recessed into the deck. Cubby hole and 2 windshields. Really need 2 people to launch. 2 x Garmin fish finders one with GPS, Not economical on petrol. It?s a nice sided boat and 3 can fish off it comfortably? it?s pretty stable even on the dam when 360 boats are screaming around? the stability was one of the main reason for choosing this boat.

I had to tow a boat back to shore at the Albert Falls compo because their motor had given up the ghost and we had no problem getting both boats onto the plane.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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