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Places to fish around Durban area?

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Howzit guys!

I'm from Dundee where there are plenty of places to fish. But my problem is that I'm in Durban studing most of the time! Sad If you guys could give me any info on where to fish, that would be kiff? I know of obviously Inanda and Albert Falls. What about Shongweni and Hazelmere? I prefer the smaller, privite dams!

Any help would be appreciated!
Howzit Jimbo

I think most of the Durban area members are at Alberts already. I am sure they will reply on Monday....

Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
If you have a boat then you can?t beat Inanda in my not so humble opinion? if you have a float tube or small human powered canoe or similar then Shongweni is a good bet. I doubt Hazelmere is any good for Bass? I used to sail there many years ago and it was never a fishing destination? but I haven?t been there for many years. Then there is Tuckers down the South Coast which has a number of small dams all with bass in them and you fish from the side.

Nagle dam is also underrated and we have had good fun there fishing from the side of the dam before we got our boat? as with Shongweni there is no power allowed on the dam.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Thanks alot for replying guys! I don't have a boat because I'm still a student. Cry But soon I will! :wink: I've got one of those Xplorer Mini V's though.

I've heard Shongweni is a good spot, but someone told me that there are hippo's there! Do you guys know? You wouldn't find me out there on my little float tube! :roll:

Where is this Tuckers place? How far is it? What are the fees and all the rest?

We will be trying out all these spots pretty soon! Big Grin
Thanks again!
Hi Jimbo.
Where about in Durbs are you studying, and how long is your average stay in Durban?
I have done a lot of float tubing at Shongweni as it is very close to where I stay, and the fishing is excellent. I've never been bothered by any large animals on the water, so far so good.
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Sup Man

I have done some fishing at Shongweni on a float tube. It's really peaceful there as there are no power boats there.

Give it a bash. Its good fun if you go with a mate and some beers. Smile
Hi Jimbo
To get to Tuckers,
take the N2 south to Margate, take the Ifafa off ramp and turn right under
the bridge and go for 2KM to a T juction you will see the board on the corner.
Here is there web site. Click Here

The Bass there is not huge but it's still fun.

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Thanks alot guys!

I'm really keen to try out Shongweni! Big Grin I'll prob give it a go next weekend. I'll let you guys know how it went...I've got my fly-rod here with me so i'll give it bash as well.

Thanks for the directions to Tucker's SoCalBass. Might give that a go sumtime as well!

Big Grin
Howzit drew!

Im studing at Howard College (UKZN) in Glenwood. I'm pretty much always in durbs. I only really go home for holidays... Sad so thats about a month or 2 at a time

My friend and i really keen to get involved down here near durbs!
Sorry man, got a lecture now!

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