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Crackleback 500 engine size

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Good day everyone.
I am new on here, and would like some opinions from CB 500 owners or copilots that have been on these boats.

I am in the market for a new or good secondhand one and would like to find out regarding engine size? Does the boat perform adequately with a 115 merc 4 stroke or is a 150 needed? I am not looking for ultimate speed. Just good allround performance. The plan is to buy right the first time and not need to upgrade soon.

The options at the moment is second hand:
Merc 150 optimax
Merc 150 EFI
Yamaha 150 2 stroke
Merc 200 EFI

And then new:
Merc 115 4 stroke
Suzuki DF 140 A 4 stroke ( reports say engine is a bit pap)
Merc 150 4 stroke 
Suzuki DF 200 A 4 stroke ( cheaper than merc 150 ) 

The CB500 boat is 5 m / 16 ft and rated from 90 to 200 hp.
Any input will be appreciated

PS , I am not a new boat owner, just never a bass boat.
Good day.

I have seen a CB500 with up to a 225 HP 2-stoke Mercury / Mariner

We have on CB500 here in the Western Cape the person runs it with a 4-stroke Mercury.

A friend of mine Scott Matthew up in Gauteng runs a 200 2-stroke Mercury on this.

Let me know in what area you are and then I can put you in touch with any of these gentlemen.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks Navrik, I am in Gauteng.

I do have the option to fit a Merc 200EFI, and I have no doubt it will be a pocket rocket with that motor.

Do you know anyone with a smaller motor, 115 maybe on the  CB 500?
I have a CB500 with a 150hp Mariner 2 stroke, and it's more than enough for the boat.
If you are not after top end speed... that is.

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