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Handle Knob Replacement

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Greetings guys.

In need some assistance. I managed to break off one of the handle knobs on a Quantum PT Tour bait caster reel. The handle knobs are exactly the same as the Quantum PT Tour KVD.

I managed to get 2 spare knobs but now need the shaft for a Quantum carbon handle. It has a small Torx (6 point star) screw on the carbon handle side and a combination Philips-flat screw on the other side holding knob onto the shaft.

I presume there are 2 bearings on ether side of the handle knobs as well. Any idea where I can find a replacement shaft and bearings?

I still have the Torx screw.

Regards Robert Jacobs
Managed to find another handle after posting on social media,
Regards Robert Jacobs

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