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PESCA Rods - Any Good?

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Hello guys,

Was wondering if anyone, especially those not affiliated with the brand, has any experience with this rod line-up?
Seems to be a home-grown product (i could be wrong because literature is in short supply) and would prefer to support if the quality is there. The price is nice.
They seem to have a technique specific lineup which makes it quite simple, but there are absolutely zero reviews or discussions anywhere available to me. 

I'm looking for a heavy power rod to double for pitching, punching and frogs etc. The budget is what it is hence the questions about PESCA. 

Any input would be appreciated.
I recently popped in at Bass Warehouse in Hillcrest, KZN and felt them a bit.

I cannot fully comment as I have not fished with them but I have spoken to a few affiliated and some non-affiliated anglers and the response so far has been good. I have not heard anything negative about them.

They feel close to an older generation Powell Max (R2K rod) or possibly even an older Shimano Crucial but not like an ALX Rods Zolo (R3.3K) so I would say for the price they offer very good value for money.

I like the fact that they are technique specific, especially for the novice angler to assist with choosing the rod.

Hope my 2c worth help.
Regards Robert Jacobs
You can buy those rods with confidence. Simple as that. 

I used to be affiliated to the previous brand owners hence me using their rods. Today I am not affiliated anymore with them but I still use this brand without any thought of changing to another rod brand. Yes, the brand is local and owned by Bass Warehouse

The story (so I have heard) is that the blanks are from the same factory as Halo rods. 

Personally, I do not like the technique specific line up they have. As an example, I like a 7'6" heavy action for a Carolina rig, not the 7'3" medium heavy they have as technique specific. To me this 7'3"MH should be for a mojo set up. But hey, everyone is different. 

The blanks are no where near a Powell rod. I have owned Powell in the past and they sure are great rods - just not copied by Pesca. 

To me the 7ft M is one of their best kept secrets. I use this for a weightless set up with 8lb line. 

The other best kept secret, although harder to come by as they are close to chickens teeth and no longer produced, is their 7'3" M Pesca Vara spinning rod. This is actually an Estuary rod but works like a bomb for bass applications. 

Finally, you can buy the brand from the LTS or Bass Warehouse with confidence. The brand owner probably gives better service than any other supplier out there. 
And no, I m not affiliated to them in anyway or form. In fact we had a rather bad fall out over sponsorship rules and I opted to not be affiliated with them. But, their service is outstanding and brands are top class as I still purchase and use their products today.
Thanks for taking the time to reply Navrik and JFZ.  Very measured responses. I've recently purchased the Shimano SLX and its fairly decent for the money. Not sure how the Pesca range compares.

The reason i asked the question in the first place is i'm really keen on trying some heavier techniques; like heavy punching and throwing the bigger jigs. The Pesca pitch/punch rods are only rated to 1 ounce which seems below par for other mag heavy/heavy rods which is a slight concern.

Is there a recommendation you guys have in the PESCA/SLX price range that would fit the bill? Maybe a couple hundred bucks over even.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
Honestly, I dunno - cant help you there. I dont throw heavy punching texas or jigs

But if I did I would go for something in the heavy range with a heavy/strong tip action, and 7'6" length. 

I dont see the point of all that heay action with poor tip performance  Cool

Dr. Phil out
Thanks JFZ, I really appreciate the input.
Also on the same page as Jim on this.

All my rods are older Powell Max and ALX Rods Zolos. R2K and R3.3K ranges in terms of pricing.

Sounds that you need to look at a flipping stick as those a definitely a bit beefier for heavy line and thick cover scenarios.
Regards Robert Jacobs
(11-11-2019, 11:53 AM)Chrisenthran Wrote: Thanks JFZ, I really appreciate the input.


ps; Let us know what you go for
The Pesca Rods are good value for money.
But if you want a serious punching/flipping type rods then you would probably be better off going for a higher end, more specialised stick.
The Loomis rods are tops, but they are also pricey.
Maybe keep an eye out here and - you never know what might be popping up in the new year.

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