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Inanda Jul 07

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Well, the last time I went fishing was at the Inanda bass classic, I think, actually my memory is a BLANK so I'm not even sure I was there.....

A mate I work with (Tinus) persuaded me to fire up the old boat and go for a quick 2 and a half hours fishing this afternoon, a bit of "if you fall off the horse you have to get right back on" if you ask me. I was gonna save it for the KZN winter tour, but then V.Lamb has been acting nasty so I though a bit of competition would be a good thing.

We launched the boat at 14:30 (after a quick "HI" to Fishton) and since I didn't do too well fishing banks at the classic, I decided that we were gonna fish deep, and nothing else. I went straight to the drop-off by Bailey Bump and kept the boat between 30-40 feet of water. We immediately started catching, and the "deep pattern" worked the entire afternoon. I managed a bag, the biggest being 1.2kg's, 2 x 1kg's and 2 smaller ones. I'm happy to say that the fish were very active and I'm sure that all those who are attending the Winter KZN tour are in for an awesome weekends fishing. I think Inanda is gonna redeem itself after being a bit tough the last tour.

Oh, and I saw Carolien on the way out! She smiled and waved at me, so I pulled in my belly and returned the compliment! What an awesome end to a good days fishing!
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What a nice bag for such a short period of fishing, in fact, that's a bag a lot of B.E.T.T anglers would have dreamed of. (including myself Wink )
Thanks for the report Smeegle. That is a very nice bag indeed. :lol: What lure did you guys use?

Oli and myself fished the BETT and also got fooshies in the deep water, only problem was we could not keep 4 of the keepers alive! They came out of 40ft plus water and they turned the moment we put them in the live well. We did degass them and even prayed for them but they died slowly. That will be a challange for me at the tour! Wink
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Shot for the report back Smeegs!!!! Glad to see you finally got back on that ryperd!!!! lmao..... :lol: :twisted: Wink

Nice results for such a short little fishing stint.... Imagine if you fooooshed all day like the rest of the guyz!!!! 8O :roll: Wink

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Thanks guys! Yeah, we were surprised to see all the boats on the water, didn't even know there was a competition on. I really need to visit the site more often......

Norkie, we were dropshotting. I was using my trusty junebug dinger, and my mate was using a thin black zoom worm, not sure what it's called. He's pretty new at fishing and only managed 3 keepers, missed quite a few bites.

Update: We decided to go again this morning (Sunday) for a fish because saturday's outing really boosted our confidence. We fished the same pattern from 7 to 10am. Nothing, not even a bite between the two of us.

Dear oh dear, just when you think you are starting to understand Inanda......
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Smeegle, Oli and myself only had our first nibble after 12:00 on Saturday, so maybe we can learn from this for the tour. We can sleep nice and late, have something to eat and drink at lunch and only hit the water in the afternoon! Wink
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Except that Schalk got all his fish on the first 8 casts of the day!
Where, where?????? Wink
Fishton Wrote:Except that Schalk got all his fish on the first 8 casts of the day!

I have now heard 3 conflicting reports, DD22's, DLN's, Nothing for hours then 8 straight fish, now the 1st eight casts :-? :-?
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