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Goedertrouw Jun 24

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Ok ok.... Just been k@kked out by King Dingaling about us fooooshing at Goedertrouw in 2 weeks time and not having said anything.... :roll:

Actually King Dingaling is getting on in years and forgot he was invited to join our clubs outing by Shannon a couple of weeks back and he said he wanted to go but.... obviously the studmuffin has forgotten!!!! :roll: Wink

Anyway..... Eagle Bass, the club I belong to, is organising a trip to fish Goedertrouw Dam on the 24th of June as the venue for our club comp.... Who would be interested in joining us??? I'm sure the more the safer in numbers.... We will be taking a couple of car guards to look after the cars and we'll chip in for some bucks for them for the day..... :roll: Wink

Show of hands who is keen???? 8O :-?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
As much as I love Ken....... :-?
Sounds like fun, please send my plane ticket so I can join you :lol:
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