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Wagendrift Dam

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Wagendrift Dam is situated next to the N3 at Estcourt. I often drive pass it but have not fished there before. Has anyone of you fished at this dam before?

I campted there may years ago but that was before I started bass fishing. Is there bass in this dam and if so is it worth taking a trip to the dam for some bass foooshing?
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Norkie there are Bass in the dam, but it will test your skills at finding fish. Wink
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Thanks Shannon, would you say it's as hard as fishing Midmar .... or worse?
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Norkie, Last time we fished midmar we got fish but very very deep.. i have a sneaking suspision strolling is gonna work very well there.. next time im back home im gonna try it out for the first time.
More difficult when I was there, The water is dirty so the fish hold very tight to cover. It's still worth a shot though, it's good to fish different waters as it teaches you how to pattern fish and not spot fish.
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Nagle has spotted bass as well as the odd small mouth. The fishing there can be excellent, but like Shannon says, it can get VERY dirty after the rain due to a limestone based valley and river system that runs into it. In early summer you are also likely to be hit with huge electric storms there. I've fished there 5 times and caught fish each time. Nothing huge, but some nice fish were boated.

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