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Inanda Dam Dev

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Inanda Dam Development

This morning I attended the first meeting of Inanda Dam Integrated Water Resource Management & Precinct Plan meeting at the town hall in Hillcrest. The meeting was run by Peter Gilmore of eThekwini Municipality and we were addressed by Peter... also a chap by the name of Riaan from the Consulting Company running the project as well as another chap.

In a nutshell... there will be developments happening at Inanda Dam and these series of meetings that are being held is for interested parties and companies to sort themselves into technical working groups to formulate their own interest?s requirements. The group wants the interested parties to put forward business plans that can be amalgamated into one big plan that works for everyone.

One thing is for sure... every plan needs to take into account the locals and just how each plan is going to benefit the locals.

There is also the issue of reparation for the locals that were displaced 20 years ago when the dam was filled... this still hasn?t been sorted out... and is obviously a real stumbling block to progress in the area... I understand that this is being addressed,

There had been quite a lot of work that has gone into the study of the area already and they showed lots of maps of different vegetation and what areas are suitable for dev and which areas are ecologically important etc...

There will be more meetings over the next two months...

There was at least one other bass fisherman at the meeting in the form of a local SABAA management member. So that made 2 of us.

The egg beaters were there as well as some conservationists... Brian from Natal Caravan was there... a mountain bike organisation and then lots of locals from different areas in and around Inanda as well as various civic organisations.

The time plan is very optimistic and they hope to formulate a rough plan by the end of July... Mmmm that won?t happen but it?s a good tight deadline to aim for. All I can say is that I?m glad someone is doing something and they are certainly trying to include all the stake holders. So if you have strong feelings either way then attend the meetings and be heard... if you don?t then don?t come whining afterwards. Get involved.

They will be meeting with Ward Councillors and the Amakosi in the next few days to give them the same spiel... they certainly want involvement from everyone.

I will keep you all posted on developments as well as dates and times of the next meeting.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Thx for taking the time to give us feedback king dinger!!! Will be very interesting to see the progress on this issue!!! :roll: :-?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Thanks for the feedback Rob, much appreciated.
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Hi Rob,

It was I...guilty as charged. Sorry we did not meet...I had to rush off as the meeting ran a tad late. Maybe next time.

Your report is very accurate and I share the same sentiments. The problems with the 'locals' are extensive and the deadlines are optimistic indeed. It seems they should have adressed these problems before embarking on this project and getting the 'INVESTORS' involved but I suspect they are seeking 'clout' from the big spenders. There are many areas and existing projects that still need to be sorted out so our fishing days are still many. I agree that we still need to be involved and look forward to hearing your thoughts and aspirations in this regard and you can be sure of receiving my support.

Great report Sir!
Hi Dave? the reperation discussions are ongoing and they ?indicated? that it?s close to being solved? not sure if I buy that because it has been going on for 20 years since the dam was built? but who knows maybe now there is an imminent plan they may pull finger? let?s hope so.

There are already a number of business plans that have been submitted to eThekwini for developments in the last year? my hope is that there will be chalets built, maybe a little shop, some clubhouses that could be used by fishing clubs etc? and hired for get-togethers etc. A permanent house boat would also be lekker.

I doubt very much that people would want to build houses along the edge of the dam with all the land issues? but who knows maybe that?s what some of the developers want to do? I would think that would be a little dicey this early on. For me the security issue is of paramount importance? I can only hope that developments that benefit the local chiefs etc could lead to improved security for all.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Some nice ideas there Rob that could easily be run by the locals (with a bit of Management guidance).

I believe that the strategy should be to involve the locals as far as possible and our (fishermen) strategy should be aimed with this in mind otherwise we are going to get left behind. At the meeting there were a number of very educated and intelligent locals (for a better word) that appeared to be very approachable and I think we should target these people and get them on our 'side'.
I'm pretty sure that they also have security issues. I also believe that the simpler the plan the more interested they will be. All this other must be very intimidating to them and I'm sure they feel they are the scapegoats and are obviously not very happy.

These are interesting times and lets hope that the people that actually care have a say in this.
Yip there is little doubt that any proposal that doesn?t include local participation in some way won?t see the light of day? and they were very specific about that.

The committee are now waiting for feedback from the stakeholders and they want to see suggestions and business plans.

Me? I?m watching with interest from the sidelines? I don?t really see myself getting directly involved in any of the projects at this stage? I am about to go into semi-retirement and the last thing I want to do is get involved in another ?project?? I just want fish and enjoy life now? but I will keep an eye on proceedings and try to make sure my favourite fishing hole doesn?t get stuffed up.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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