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Nigel Dam

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Anyone know about this dam...

Has is got bass?

Is it safe?

Can you launch a boat?

How do you get there?

Sorry Andrer cant help you on this one, let us know if you get more info on this dam
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Yes Nigel does have bass, the dam is not that big roughly the same size as murry park but does have a launch and weekends get busy with the 1lt brandy, 2lt coke and 3lt ford crowd. I would suggest you explore it during the week.

Take the Hiedleburg durban road, take the Nigel, hiedleburg turn of I think it is called Jacobs Rd. Head towards Nigel, once you have passed Nigel town hang a right you will see it on the right hand side. It is behind the Nigel golf club.

26?23'42.90"S 28?28'13.67"E
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Thanks pomerob.

Think they will moer me if i spped past on my bpat picking up there carp line hahahaha

How is the security?
There used to be a lot of pap goiers there, I would say it is safe but as normal take precautions, lock the car, put any valuables out of sight and keep your eyes open and be aware of who is around and in close proximity to you.

I havent been there in years so things could have changed, I am glad you started this thread as it has reminded me that nigel dam is a good mid-week venue and deserves to be re-visited. If you intend going during the week let me know maybe we can fish it together for added protection.
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Hi pomerob.

Would luv to but i work for slave drivers... Maybe the next public holiday we can hit it?

When is there agoing to be another gauteng gathering anyone?????
I hear you andrer, I also work for one of those, my boss often makes me work over the weekends so he doesnt mind me taking a day or two of during the week :lol:

If I do get the weekend off I am gone for the whole weekend, but the other boss has landed a big contract and is travelling around the country at the moment so those weekends are few and far between at the moment.
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The dam hold a lot of bass, there is also some really pig?s in there! I know of fish that exceeded the 4kg mark!
Knowledge is the key - Buck Perry
I stay in Nigel, so it is one the best go to dams if you want to catch big fish. Was there on Wednesday the 3rd of Sept, cought a nice 1.62kg bass. Great in spring, summer and Autum, i still need to find out about winter, cause winter fishing in Nigel Dam is Really difficult.

If anyone knows where to fish and what to fish in winter, please help.
Attie I see you and the wife have caugth some nice size bass at Nigel. The Dam is closed to the public during the winter months ,so you cannot launch from the Municipal entrance. Bank fishing is limited to the open spots amongst the reeds and these are generally are taken by the bank anglers. Have not fished on the Dam yet since it has re opened, will not be fishing there for a while as the next two weekens are reserved for Witbank
Thanks for the info Hawkeye. Appreciate it.
Good day guys. I am new to bass fishing and would like to know if anyone has new info about Nigel dam and the bass there? Going through to Nigel on Sunday and want to try my luck if any.
Thanx for a great site.
Hi Guys

Damn rain spoiled everything.

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