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Hey guys 

Just saying hi,I'm new to this forum and wanted to connect with other basserman out there. I live in table view and so I have very few places to fish and would love any input as to where i could pick up the big one. I am dedicated to my kick boat and love floating on the water caching the monsters. I am also interested in the Kick boat trail but know very little about it.

It's good to be a part of a community that share the interests I do when it comes to bass fishing.

Tight lines.
Welcome to the form BA. Enjoy your stay!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Welcome to the bassfishing forum,

I'm here in Northern Suburbs (Durbanville). Also got my kickboat and gear. I can gladly recommend making the journey to ClanWilliam, Bullshoek or Robertson - Breederiver with your kickboat. There are some limited dams locally so you are going to have to make a trip.


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