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Greetings Bassmasters

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Hi all,

I am new to bass fishing and very eager to learn.

Many moons ago I used to fish very often (carp and flyfishing). Now that my son is old enough to fish and is "hooked", I get to rekindle the old passion.

I have always wanted to do bass fishing and thought this is the perfect opportunity to start.

I hope to learn allot from this forum.

Let me say what Navrik will say... Welcome to the forum zaShadow

You've come to the right place, but sadly its a tad quiet in here at the moment. But feel free to post any questions, tips, tricks, photo's etc that you wish and someone will be able to assist. 

Just a set of ground rules for you to note: Talking about wive's, girlfriends (or both), bass, boats, beers, dancing girls etc is encouraged. Correcting Nav's punctuation and spelling is a daily occurrence and pulling the mickey out of the border guys is something that you'll get used to as well. 

Talking of or about the dreaded Carp word is highly fround apon. 

But you'll get the hang of it quickly...  Big Grin

Give us some more info, which area you are in, do you fish from the bank or a boat etc.
Welcome boet, I see our Ambassador is busy though and he is a mine of information so feel free to ask questions after you've browsed through the archives.
Welcome to BFSA zaShadow. 

Which part of SA you from? Perhaps we can assist you with some Dams to fish. 

Happy fishing
Welcome zaS... eish I hope my spelling was ok this time around Big Grin
Regards Robert Jacobs

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