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Kickboat Wanted

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Hi Guys,

Anybody in the Western Cape in the mood to sell their kick boat. Preferably a pisces predator.

I am based in George.
I'dd rather be fishing...
Lovely name there!
Kanaalbaber hahaha, does that refer to a lady part? Big Grin
Whahhahaaaaa, I remember the argument from a few years ago about your name too Kp.

Made my day with that chirp of yours
Aside from the Pisces Predator kickboats, if you are in the market for a new kickboat, why not check out Farmer Watercraft on Facebook. He is a member of our Bass League and makes very lekker kickboats with great attachments too. Based in Eshowe, northern KZN. I'm sure shipping can be arranged.

I'm not taking anything away from Pem's kickboats which are an awesome tried & tested design, just mentioning here as another option available on the market.
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