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Draft Inland Fisheries Policy

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Well folks, we are always lamenting the fact that there is no formal inland (freshwater) fisheries policy in SA and now finally we have a countrywide consultation process on the go for your (the angler) input.
Happy reading.....................

.pdf   Newspaper Advert_National Inland Fisheries Policy_draft240518.pdf (Size: 60.79 KB / Downloads: 4)

.pdf   Draft Inland Fishery Policy - 14 March 2016.pdf (Size: 556.63 KB / Downloads: 7)
So - what - its a plan to make a plan to try and get people to "legally" plunder the small impoundments we have in SA?

This is not the Great Lakes region of Africa - our dams are mere ponds - not commercially sustainable bottomless pits of never-ending supply of fish - even Tanganyika - 33 thousand square km of water - is on the verge of nothingness - fished out by thousands of boats operating day and night.

Unless there is to be some kind of Government "assistance" - there are many examples of such where the tax payer foots the bill so that those connected few can have an easy life - to these so called "programmes"
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. Henry Thoreau

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