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Avid Freshwater Fisherman looking to socialize - Cape Town

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Greetings BFSA.

I'm an avid freshwater fishing/camping enthusiast that try and spend as much time possible camping and fishing....when the wife allows it.. Been enjoying my time camping on the breede river fishing barber and carp but am now looking to make the jump to Bass fishing and getting myself a float. Be it, a proper float tube or a inflatable raft. I have decent experience with lures/lines and casting but need that bump to actually catch something. 

Anyhows, I've been scanning the forums and google earth, looking for some decent fishing spots (I know okes are usually secretive when it comes to sharing good spots).

Is there a local Western Cape whatsapp group that make activities and such?

Yup, fully aware we are heading into winter but I'm getting my gear ready, come Spring.
Greetings Jps, and as Nav would say - Welcome to BFSA

There is a competition trail in the WC for float tubers and the like. I just dont have their contact details off hand (Nav can get the contact details for you when he visits this thread)

If you like the breede, you should head to the Robertson area and catch a breede smallie. You wont be able to wipe the smile off your face for a week. 

There are 2 main float tube manufacturers. Most guys use a Pisces predator, and other chaps use a Kermit float tube. Just google both and you should get the manufacturers details. 

Anyway, there's lot of info on this site, just jump around the older threads and you'll get some good tips. Or pop a question and someone will get to the answer for you. 

Winter = best time for smallie's...
Morning Jim from Zim,

Thanks for the welcoming greet. 

I've been to Bonnievale previously to do some Bass fishing (Caught one small large mouth).  River bass do put up an amazing fight!

I will keep a lookout for Nav and WC Kick Boat clubs.I was actually looking at the "Froggy V-Craft" as an entry level for Float tubing - Any comment on this?

Hmm,,, I will definitely reconsider packing my rods away this winter. A trip down to Robertson could be what I need. Any suggestions on lure types for the cold waters?

Froggy's are nice. I prefer the other 2 brands though as your ass doesnt get wet with them. 

Usual lures work well in Robertson, traps in the rapid sections, beetle spin with a grub as a trailer, and a popper - all day long. Or just use your general creature, senko and flukes generally in watermelon red colours. 

For the lingo challenged: Trap = lipless crank
For the lingo challenged: Trap = lipless crank

Hey, I saw that.

Welcome JPS
I don't know much about bass fishing and am starting the hobby.
What I do is read all the replies then spend the next two hours on Google trying to decipher what I have just read.

I was in a very similar position regarding the float tube as bank angling for bass here is rather limited and I felt that without having access to the structures, I was losing out. Me being a lazy bugger, I dismissed the idea of the tube and looked at the small inflatable boats (2.9 - 3.2 meters) with an electric trawling motor. But a good setup worked out in the region of R35 000.

While looking at options and weighing the costs up, I stumbled across a bass boat that ticked all the boxes. With that behind me, I would still be interested in your set up. What are your other options when it comes to the tubes? When you do go any look at the tubes, please be so kind as to take a few pictures and post them.

Regarding the cold water, experience has taught me that when you do catch in the cold, it is normally worth the effort that you put in.

Best of luck
Walter Kutcher
(06-01-2018, 03:21 PM)WalterK Wrote: For the lingo challenged: Trap = lipless crank

Hey, I saw that.


Regarding the cold water, experience has taught me that when you do catch in the cold, it is normally worth the effort that you put in.

Best of luck

Cool Big Grin Big Grin

Quite right you are there Walter, colder water bite is always more rewarding

Here, I'll save you the hassles of google searching. Check this link for Pisces kick boats. They can be retro fitted with a trolling motor too:
Thanks for the link to the Pontoon. Whelp, seems like I will be saving up for that beauty.
Search on facegimp for bass fishing junkie - you might find a 2nd hand Pisces there
So I high-lite facegimp, right click at click on  "search on google" and it has not the fishing I was thinking of. Blush
Bass fishing junkie on the other hand is going to force me to do the facebook thing.
Being shying away from that for years now.
Wow, lots of nice things for sale there though.

The Pisces kick boat looks good and well priced. I saw a picture of something similar fishing at Primrose quarry. The guy had a braai built on to the thing and was busy braaing on board while floating on the pond. Strange bunch you bass folks. Not a lot of storage space though and I would be a little concerned regarding the high center of gravity. But that is only my perception as I am sure that it is a tried and trusted formula.

I must admit that if it where not for the cold, the Froggy V-craft also looks quite appealing.
I could not find a picture of the Kermit float tube (Keep on getting images of a Muppet frog)
When I search for kick boats, I see that the Americans have a much bigger choice than what we have.

Enjoy the research and the ultimate choice JP. All part of the fun.
Walter Kutcher
(06-01-2018, 06:38 PM)WalterK Wrote: So I high-lite facegimp, right click at click on  "search on google" and it has not the fishing I was thinking of. Blush

Whahahahhahahaaaaa, you crack me up sometimes. Thats classic

Im sorry Walter, i speak in code sometimes. I'll try not camouflage things too much in the future.

Interestingly enough, this site has a for sale section, which was as busy as the bass junkie page is now. When this site was hacked most members moved to that group and made it flourish. In fact it was started by two members from this forum. 

Personally i can't stand faceshit so i rarely even visit

Ps: you owe me a new phone.... I spilt my coffee all over it whilst trying to contain my giggling  Big Grin  Big Grin
And so finally Nav strikes back

Welcome buddy

Only 2 real options. Pisces Predator (in KZN) or Kermit (here in the WC). Pisces does have agents here in the WC.

I don't own any sit with your bum wet or sit slightly higher with just your feet wet options but from what I heard and read these are the ones to  get

Personally I made the jump from bank angling straight into a small bass boat but after I realised that the pedestal seats on that was not up to scratch for Jim_from_Zim (or JFZ)'s weight I upgraded to a slightly bigger boat. Not always fun to fish alone... Big Grin

To get into the kick boat scene you need to chat to Roy or Barend (or event Malcolm aka Southpaw). They are involved in the local kick boat competitive scene.

I am the secretary for SABAA Western Cape which is the official bass body in South Africa through which you can get your Provincial, Presidents or Protea colours (boat fishing that is. The is also a social boat fishing circuit called the Western Cape Money Trailer (previously known as the BFSA Money Trail and yes you guessed it was directly associated with this site and was ran by the previous and current owner as well as other members of this forum.

8 of us from the Western Care are actually on our way to Tzaneen dam (25-29 June) to represent Western Province at the SABAA Inter-Provincial Bass fishing championship

I volunteered to be the bass date keeper and as soon as I get all the kick boat comp days I will be publishing the SABAA Western Cape Fishing Calendar for all bass related competitions on here.

If you keen on the more formal side I can hook you up with one of our 4 bass clubs or chapters as we call them spread out over the Western Cape and the Boland region. The are boat fishing focused but welcome newcomers that are keen to join our sport.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Odd, my email notification didn't come through - apologies for the late reply.

I decided to pick up the Froggy V-Toad from (it's based on the american design - cumberland float) which gets great reviews. Will wait and see how that goes. Wasn't keen on the breakdown and setup of pontoons - vehicle space is limited when I go camping.

Right, I've been keeping an eye on that Junkie marketplace on Trashbook but haven't so far seen any deals - damn, baitcasters are expensive...(Still have my Abu Garcia Max 3 which is just fine)

I will look into SABAA - thank you for that suggestion. 

I understand that a few of the popular Bass Fishing okes have some contacts with private dams in and around western cape region - mind sharing one or two with me?

Thanks for the all the replies!

The Froggy V Toad does look awesome and I wish you many happy hours of fishing.
I looked at a few options locally, but my fishing partner asked why I did just not use a tractor tyre.
Women Gmph!
To be honest, I think that I would prefer it over a pontoon as well. (The froggy that is)
How many rods can you carry with you and does it have a wet well?

I found the lack of sharing private spots quite common here in Gauteng as well.
I would pounce on unsuspecting anglers in the fishing shops while they where choosing there soft baits to ask where they fish and they would reply that it is a private dam. Invite only they would say.

I think that some fishermen have damaged the reputation of the sport by being what we call "Dam duikers".
I would recommend that you join a club. Simply tag along on the outings and before you know it, someone will invite you to join them at a private dam. (Then you come back to the site and tell us all where it is Smile )
Walter Kutcher
Morning Walter,

Thanks for your cheerful response Smile

The V-Toad comes with Rod Holders in the sense of Velcro Straps - I stand corrected but I believe these floats are more focused on Fly Fishing. However, I will make some modifications to better carry my Bass Rods. Planning on using 3 Rods with different setups.

Woman, they will never understand our need for more rods and tackle, but don't you dare say something about their 10+ amount of shoes.... Wink

I've done the same in shops...sneaking up on other buyers and popping the, where do you fish? Usual response is somewhat....."yeeeaaaah over by that dam or this river".

I'm currently looking to get into groups or some kickboating group but will need to dig around for that. Kickboating seems to have died down in Western Cape? Not sure but except for SABAA I don't really see groups locally.


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