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Overdue update

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Howsit guys..
Been rather quiet my side of the world..few blank sessions was killing me,slowly haha..

Hit the langkloof recently..put all my skill and knowledge on the line haha literally and well rewarded..4  great fish of 500g each at an average of 37cm...deep lurking but all fell victim to the fast reaction dark coloured spinners...i know Jim would say that'that's cheating but ey it was the flavour of weekend and I'm not gonna argue hahahaha 

Awesome everyone..good week ahead to all

Whahahah... Chop.

At least you were catching fish, I had a double blank at the last divs over the weekend - Oh well, its over now.

Nice catches there Ew
Lekka photos EW...thanks for taking the time to share!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Shot guys...sorry about the blank out sessions jim ....try a spinner hahahaha 
Lekker one everybody

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