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WANTED: Rebel 531, 532 or VX70

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Good day everyone,

Looking for either a Rebel 531, Rebel 532 or a VX70. Boat has to be in good condition with a reliable outboard. Not too worried about the finders etc.

Please if everyone can have an ear on the floor for me and direct any sellers to me, alternatively please forward me their contact details.

Thanks a million.

083 524 0664
How about a hybrid (vx70 hull with rebel 531 top deck) with 200efi? 

Comp ready

Pm me for more details
Not a fan of the Hybrid, don't like the back and front deck connected on the left hand side. The rebel deck is ideal and the co-angler's rods are out of the way and can't tangle with the front angler's rods.

I know the VX has the same configuration as the hybrid, that's why the VX is my last option.

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