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Environmental friendly removal of reeds and lillies

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Good morning everyone..
I' m seeking advice on how best to remove and control overgrown reeds/bullrushes and Lilly pads that are taking over and choking a dam...
It' a freshwater river that runs through the valley here in Maitlands,Eastern cape where small walls have made to create a dam effect with still efficient over flow to keep the river running..

Over the years though the reeds and lillies have just consumed a huge majority of the open water area and forced the dam to be split into 3 sections..

My question is how can I remove and open up the water ways and create larger surface areas of water without hindering the existing wildlife..every year the bass in the dam have less and less space to move around in and access to the water is becoming very limited..

Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated..

Much gratitude..
Dunno if its such a wise idea to do that? 

I'm guessing you'll create a bigger problem than trying to resolve it - I mean trying to remove the plant life will only shake up the seeding process, and possibly create more of a hassle down the line. 

If its your dam on your land, I would drain the dam 100%, remove fishes, clean the bottom of the dam, then let it fill up again, repopulate the fish into the new waters. Long way around, but I guess this could be the only way of effectively doing this. I would not use any form of chemical products to remove plant life, you could create havoc downstream. 

But if it's not your land, and the DWAF dont give approval for it, you could get yourself into a host of legal issues. 

Maybe relocate the fish anyway...

Riprap could be able to give you a more educated answer as he is involved at this level with the authorities down there. Lets see what reply he gives.
There is lots of useful info on youtube.



Okay admin. What am I doing wrong. How do I get youtube videos to show.
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Shot guys...appreciate the input..
It's not my dams but more of privalged spot I fish often and I have been asked for some input on how best to restore and maintain the area..

Would never even consider chemicals of any sort..thinking manual labour from the small boat there might be best option for now..

Thanks guys..
Anyone been catching any fish lately?any news from this last weekends comp at wriggle?

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