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Welcome to the New Bass Fishing South Africa!

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Ja been nuking the buggers as soon as I see them with a spray of the old "Purge Spammer"....
Regards Robert Jacobs
(08-30-2017, 01:39 PM)Floatie Wrote: New site looks great, Well done guys!

This fishing website is quite interesting, I stay here.  Big Grin
Hi guys I'm from Pretoria and recently moved to CPT. I tried Rosendal dam a few weeks ago, is it safe to fish here alone? Are there any other safe areas to fish in and around Bellville/Durbanville 

Lastly I am keen to meet up for a session if any one is available. Are there any WhatsApp groups?

Thanks in advance

Maybe Nav can help out?
It's great that you can share experiences on this site. Bass fishing has its technique, and it is important to have the experience of experts. Although it is true, that in the fishing process, the combination and good use of the resources can be above the action of the fisherman.
For example the right action to a minnow or the right pace to a walking the dog. The hardness of the rod is also important. Also, I think it is important that the fisherman is in good physical condition, don't you think?
Get some physical activity and live a healthy life. You like to fish, hunt, swim, run, or anything else, so do it, get in on the action. Take the control of your activity, publish your achievements, encourage yourself to go for more and motivate others.

Gracias por la info


inmobiliaria rincon

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