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Trailer lights & electrical

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Morning guys.

I'm really g#tvol of battling with lights on my trailer. We travel a lot of gravel roads. LED lamps are nice yes but even with a diode fitted in the system they still flash when connected to the vehicle and which is irritating. The old globe fittings often fall out on corrugated roads and the globes get smashed!

What have I missed that works trouble free?
Hi Rip,
I think it has a lot to do with the earth, you need a deicated earth which is wired to your bakkies earth.
I base this on our cars and bakkies have deicated earths there no problems there ?
That is the lights.
I've had the pleasure of LED's on my trailer for 6 years now and never any form of problem. Getting your vehicle sorted in that it can see the LED's is the first thing. Its apparently to do with there not being any resistance(I could easily be corrected here by a sparky).
Some spares shops do sell a unit that can be added to your line. Also the std flasher unit needs replacing with a electronic unit which are not expensive and are just a plug and play.
LED's require so little power and as such you can Christmas tree your trailer and it wont draw loads of power. My trailer has extra tail and stop lights, side lights, side indicator lights and reverse lights. You can see my trailer from far away and for me that's a big plus, as some of our less licenced drivers tend to drive into them in the areas we drive through en route to dams.
I'd rather look like a chop than stuck with a damaged trailer in an "AREA".

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