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How to approach loskop valley, olifantsriver?

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Hey Everyone

Im new to bassfishing, and need some advice on how to approach this venue please.
Were going to olifantsriver, loskop valley,5kms from loskopdam this coming long weekend. Name of the venue is mossienes.
How do I approach the river, which times are best, which lures work?
Hey Headbanger,

We also stayed next to the Olifantriver last year with interprovs and fished the river a few times, speedcraw,flukes and senko's seemed to work as well as topwater early morning against the reeds.....colours on the plastics was junebug....fished on a Carolina rig.
Live hard.
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Hi Andy

Great stuff, thanks for the feedback!

Are there specific times that the fish will be more active?
Fish are always more active under low light conditions - early morning and late afternoon. This is applicable to all facets of fishing.
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Awesome thanks Ginja!

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