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Whats worn and needs to be replaced

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Okay so this is just wierd! I decided to go down one pitch on the prop as I still had 250 rpm to spare, 1 pitch down should get you there. Loaded my nice new shiny 16p Vengence stainless prop on the motor and off to the dam.... Boat jumped onto the plane a lot quicker, vibration was still there not nearly as bad (Must be cavitating) So will drop it a notch. Buy here is where it is a little strange, boat was running at a speed of 50 gps but my revs would not climb above around 4100, this is just too strange, could be a faulty guage but I just dont get it lol
Quick update!

Took the boat in to Dough at Lowveld Marine, what a good oke! Definetely knows his setups and boats. Put on a 6" jackplate and dropped the motor height slightly, at the same time replaced rectifier and put in a new fuel pump diaphram, my motor had the original in from 1998 eish lol lucky he spotted this and replaced as the diaphram was about to konk. Boat has a hole shot of note now and gets onto the plane quick quick but still cant trim out too much before it starts porpoising again lol I am now trying the opposite, instead of trying to move weight to the front I am moving it to the rear, gonna give it a go, my own theory... My previous setup had one deepcycle in the front hatch and one + a stater motor on the rear, I thend moved the deep cycle from the rear to sit with the otherone in the front hatch, which had no benefits, I am now going to shift that weight to the rear and see what happens, theory is the nose might sit up a little better with the weight more in the rear...... well lets see. lol
All of the best. Hope you get it sorted to your liking soon!
Regards Robert Jacobs
You getting there wiki.
Whatever you do, make sure the boat is fully loaded as if for a fishing trip i.o.w. full fuel, tackle, crew, livewell etc otherwise you might be disappointed later down the line. Good luck.
All sorted, boat is hauling a$$ now (for a 75) that is lol, awesome article in the SABASS May magazine around chasing speed, picked up a nice little piece out the article page 17, puts my heart to rest that my baby is almost setup just right now. Thanks for all the replies! Time to catch more fish!

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