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Where to fish in Kimberley

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Dear All,

This is my first post on this forum. I have moved to Kimberley a year ago. There is nothing, and I cannot exclaim that strong enough, nothing going on in this little town. It is HOT! That's about it. I am no blue blood born and bred fisherman but I have a relatively complete set of bass fishing kit. There is so little to do here that I'd like to use my weekends a bit more towards this hobby in order to avoid insanity. WHERE can one find ANY GOOD BASS SPOTS in this region? I heard some folks talk about a weir in the Vaal river near Warrenton (some 70km's away) which sounds dangerous. I don't like the idea of being mugged, tied and drowned next to a deserted path in the middle of nowhere. Any ideas? The local guys at the tackle shops have no indications.

ANY THOUGHTS would be highly regarded.

I lived in good old KBY for most of my childhood and there are no bass dams anywhere near the town that I know of. There used to be a small pond at the army base that had bass in but that dried up many years ago and i doubt it was restocked.

Your best bet is to take chase some of the awesome yellows in the Vaal.

The weir at BW is dodgy at best and if you go make sure you have a weapon and that you are not alone - fishing is average there so i probably wouldnt even bother.

There are some nice resorts near Warrenton/Riverton which is safe and the facilites used to be great - would be best if you have a boat or a canoe though.

Then there is also the river below Bloemhof dam which holds some nice fish.

Perhaps check out the Artlure section on Sealine for some more ideas on how to target the yellows.

If you really need to catch bass there is a bass dam in Kathu.

Good luck.
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