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Inanda Dam Developments

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Received a reply from Peter Gilmore. This is what he said, (copy of his email). He refers to Midmar Dam and what has been done there which I think is very positive. Inanda is a little different insofar as the 'community' live right on the dam but maybe this will be good for all in the end. We'll need to get involved if we are to have a say so lets go to the meeting.

"By attending out meeting you will be informed of our planning and
development process and determine yourself if your operations will be
impacted on or not. Its not our intentions to affect users of the dam in
a negative way, but if it does there is opportunity for you to
participate in the planning excercice itself. Firdays meeting, besides
to inform people of the plan, we are hoping to attract interest in
private individuals and organisations to invest in land that will be
made available by the state along the dam - however it is aimed at
tourism based development (hotels, resort, marinaes, fishing camps, bush
camps, pinic and camp sites, ect) where the local community must benefit
directly through ecquity share ownership for example - a typical example
would be the community providing the land, the private sector
contributing capital cost and the state provide infrastructure in
support of development. On the lower scale we also whant to facilitate
developmental sport in the valley, ie fishing, canoeing, train community
mebers to take people on guided walks and hikes, etc. The end result of
our excercise would be zonation based plan that will depict which part
of land area around the dam can be released for developments for various
stipulated development types and also control and demarcate which part
of the water surface area can and cannot be used for various water
recreation and water contact sports as being done at Midmar Dam. We are
aiming to complete the plan closer towards the end of the year following
by marketing the plan to attract investors as it will not ne the
municipality that will build tourism facilities. Depending on
responses, it could take developers at least a year to get all their
approvals in place before one will see any physical construction in year
Thanks for that Dave, I am by no means a local but I do enjoy the dam when I travel to KZN and it's good to know that certain individuals have us fisherman at heart and are looking out for us. It all sounds very promising and transparent.

I have seen all our local dams (harties, bronkies, Witbank and the vaal) fall victim to greedy development to the extent that public entry to the Vaal and Harties is under threat. Witbank and broonkies are not far behind and if proposed sales of the public resorts at both Witbank and RDW go through then we will all be the poorer for it.

I just hope the positive attitude and transprency potraid in the letter you recieved is genuine and not just a front, going through the motions so to speak. I suppose only time will tell.

Thanks for keeping us informed and your efforts for looking out for all our best interests.
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Yip as I had hoped? it certainly looks positive! I?ll be there on Friday for sure! Thanks Davebass!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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