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Inanda Dam Developments

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tolla Wrote:we should buy a plot of land and have our own slipway , bfsa clubhouse?

If land does go up for sale I will buy a piece for my retirement home and will add a BFSA Club House! ;-)
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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When i first started going to Inanda 11 years ago there was a dirt road after the steep part of the road and the fishing was very good and we didnt have many problems when we were on the water. No "please I whunt one plastic rubber worm buss" or "one spair loose line" now that the road has been tarred more people go to the dam as they dont have a problem with driving on the road. It seems that now there are more people, crime has gone up and security has gone down. I want to see big houses on the side of the dam and development going up, there was talk a few years back of hotel to go up on the left hand side of the slipways. People need to spend mony there and then you will see the dam getting jacked up big time.
Mmmm.... do u guyz reckon anything will be done about the Hysinth that is at the top of the dam waiting to come down??? Have you gyyz been up to the bridge and seen the dammed up plants waiting to come down and cover the dam??? 8O :-? :-(

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Yip I have seen it... Albert Falls also had a lot at the river mouth and that seems to have been broken up and dissipated... I?m not water plant biologist but I don?t see it as a problem yet... but I do stand to be corrected.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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The stuff is not Hysinth it is water lettus , although the water lettus grows realy fast.
We used to sell the stuff at our shop for koi ponds but we are not allowed to sell it anymore.Some stupid people were putting it in dams when it overgrew in there ponds!! :twisted:
How do they get rid of the lettuce???

What was at Alberts is nothing compared to what is being dammed up at Inanda.... If that cable breaks, loads of that stuff is going to come down the dam......

What was at Alberts could've been dispersed around the dam by the wind, but the amount was negligable compared to what's at Inanda....

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Eat alot of water lettus :lol:
i think it would be cool if they put up a couple of houses, security should improve.
bulshoek dam has a couple of houses around it and it looks ok, security is not to bad
To clarify my statement Robfisher...

I foresee the locals getting so angry that Inanda will become a NO-GO area for some time. I know I would be upset should I be forced to relocate for empty promises.
The road is going to get a pounding from trucks etc. As it is there are potholes that have been there for a while and are getting worse. Saw a guy blow a wheel on his trailer.
I also wonder whether there will be restricted areas and also how much of the fishing 'structure' will be destroyed as well as what the extra activity will do for fishing.

Yes, there are annoyances at Inanda but they are, for the most part, tolerable. As it is Inanda is an absolute paradise and this pristine piece of Africa will be gone forever. I often just sit there and think how lucky we are to have this....and so close to home.

Anyway, it probably does not matter what we think! Or does it?
Yes it does matter what we think? that?s why the public meetings are being held. Why not come to the first meeting and voice your concerns.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Mmmm.... ok... I know I'm probably going to sound like a windge bag, but, do u really think it will make a difference??? Not trying to be sarcky or negative or anything like that, but genuinely asking.... :-?

You hear of soooo many deals that go through where the developers go through the motions of getting the locals inputs etc as that is the procedure and they just going through the formalities, but at the end of the day it goes through regardless as you find out too late that there is a MP or something on the board of directors etc and they just looking to line their own pockets.... 8O :-? :-(

As for Davebass's comments about the locals etc I tend to agree.... You all must've heard about the wheeling and dealings that went on at Goedertrou and how that all went for a ball of ...... when the locals got greedy... "Give the hand and they rip-off the entire arm" type of situation.... They already have a deal with the local chief, but, it will only be a matter of time till they want to not ride the gravy train, but rather own it!!!! 8O :-? :roll:

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No argument... but it?s a step in the right direction... I think development of Inanda Dam in any format is a good thing. There is no doubt that fat cats will get fatter and Joe Public and Joseph Local will get shafted to a degree... but what?s the alternative? Leave things as they are with crime getting worse. I think not.

But of course we are all just guessing on what the plan is or maybe... let?s go to the meeting and make ourselves heard.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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As with all change, I would expect for things to get worse before they get better.
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My intentions are to attend this meeting. In the interim I'm going to email Peter Gilmore to get some guidlines as to their intentions, time frames etc. cause maybe we are jumping the gun. I'll post his comments, if any!

Don't you think its strange that this meeting is being held on a Friday At 10 am???.....Friday? payday!!! Won't the majority of 'stakeholders' be at work? OK half have no jobs but that still leaves a lot of votes out of the equation. Food for thought I guess.
Received a reply from Peter Gilmore. This is what he said, (copy of his email). He refers to Midmar Dam and what has been done there which I think is very positive. Inanda is a little different insofar as the 'community' live right on the dam but maybe this will be good for all in the end. We'll need to get involved if we are to have a say so lets go to the meeting.

"By attending out meeting you will be informed of our planning and
development process and determine yourself if your operations will be
impacted on or not. Its not our intentions to affect users of the dam in
a negative way, but if it does there is opportunity for you to
participate in the planning excercice itself. Firdays meeting, besides
to inform people of the plan, we are hoping to attract interest in
private individuals and organisations to invest in land that will be
made available by the state along the dam - however it is aimed at
tourism based development (hotels, resort, marinaes, fishing camps, bush
camps, pinic and camp sites, ect) where the local community must benefit
directly through ecquity share ownership for example - a typical example
would be the community providing the land, the private sector
contributing capital cost and the state provide infrastructure in
support of development. On the lower scale we also whant to facilitate
developmental sport in the valley, ie fishing, canoeing, train community
mebers to take people on guided walks and hikes, etc. The end result of
our excercise would be zonation based plan that will depict which part
of land area around the dam can be released for developments for various
stipulated development types and also control and demarcate which part
of the water surface area can and cannot be used for various water
recreation and water contact sports as being done at Midmar Dam. We are
aiming to complete the plan closer towards the end of the year following
by marketing the plan to attract investors as it will not ne the
municipality that will build tourism facilities. Depending on
responses, it could take developers at least a year to get all their
approvals in place before one will see any physical construction in year

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