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Crackleback 460 Opinions

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I am looking for all the Crackleback 460 owners out there or even ex owners.

I'm considering a new CB460 and would like to read everyones opinions. Good bad the works.

I know the boat is small in comparison with other models out there. But I mostly fish alone and with that only the fore deck really matters to me.

I also tried contacting other boat manufacturers but only three actually replied. Business must be tooo good for the other guys.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for other boats I'm keen to look around, not dead set on a Crackleback Escape were just one of the first to reply.

I have only heard positive things from Neil Barker and Escape Boating.

Stories where he went out of his way and even flew to Namibia once at own cost to sort out a problem.


Regards Robert Jacobs
Yes thats the one! Seems to be a perfect one man rig.

True Neil does seem to be super good with customer service. I've only been in touch with Neil for a few days and already he has gone out of his way for me. From shuffling his entire workshop around so I could walk through to have a look at what his got. To even trying to make a CB460 test ride possible.

Guess it's the customer experience that's keeping me interested.
Escape Boating's service is great.
I have the old Seeker 480 and which is a great boat. The only difference is this:

Fuel tank not aft and above deck but under your feet centre.
One bigger rod locker as opposed to two.
Smaller back deck area.
slightly less width - 2.0m vs. 2.2 on the seeker

It is definitely an ideal one man rig and two is fine as well. You also don't need a stable of horses to move her around!
Considering the weight I also don't think it legally requires a braked trailer.
I have the 460, it is an awesome ride and very stable for its size!! I often fish 2 up, and it handles fine, no problems so far. Its coped with a very busy Vaal River quite easily, if you fish one up its absolutely perfect for launching alone.
regarding Escape Boating, Neil and his sons have always been more than helpful!!!
C4C Team Young Guns with Kevin Lofstedt
A chap from our club owned the CB460 and changed a short time back for a CB500. Not much difference $$ but a lot more room. Strangely he records higher speed and better fuel consumption on the 500 using the motor from his 460.
I am extremely happy with my CB500 and it's easy to tow, launch and control.
You cant go wrong with the CB460. Its a big improvement on the Basseeker 475 which I have. I'm gonna travel all the way down to Stutterheim to win that Boat

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