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Abu spares

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Morning guys.

I know it's a beginner reel but my son was gifted with a black max 2 some two years back and he asked me to sort out and service this reel for a spare backup in his spares bag. The reel is in very good working order barring the drag and which I assume the drag washers are a bit shot since he didn't loosen up the drag at last use. They seem fine but I have checked everything else including the spring washers. Can't seem to find spares availability in SA. Any help??
Contact Pure Fishing - the last I heard they were the agents.
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you need to open it up for further investigation, could be the drag washer and other things like the main shaft bearing, anti reverse bearing or simply a lack of grease. if it is indeed the drag washer thats totally bust, make a plan from home, cut a new washer from cork or even leather will do (about 2 to 3mm thick). apply drag washer grease like cal's, kingfisher or even yamaha blue grease, while you at it grease and oil other parts. thin oil for spool bearings and level wind and grease for all other moving parts.
almost forgot to say, check the main brass gear, might need to be cleaned perfectly, dont use a screw driver to remove dirt, rather use steel wool.

edit- just checked, normally on these lower end reels dont have proper wahers, they seem to be gasket type material and wont compress but will squeez the grease out if the reel sits prolonged with the drag tight, causing them to stick/seize to brass gear and steel washer
You can contact Pure fishing. Ill send you the contact details
Thanks guys.

Dollar - I have completely stripped, cleaned and lubed this reel. The only thing I didn't do was unseal the bearings for a good clean and soak and she swings and purrs better than expensive reels. There are conflicting schematics on the bmax2 but I'm working with the one originally supplied in the box. Strange reel as although the ratchet caters for an anti-reverse clicker, there isn't one there and only the one way bearing does that. The drag washers (only 1 top 1 under) look new and the metals have been polished. Given the drag was too wet, that was the case and not anymore. The () washers are fine and I even tried others from spare reels. The star drag turns till the body touches the reel frame and still only about 2lbs max drag.

I have to now assume the drag washers are compressed from being tightened up for about 9 months or so. Thanks for your tips though, appreciated.

Found Pure Fishing on the net and will make contact.
that's cool RipRap, glad you didnt take a short cut.
the only thing i can think of is maybe a chance of a missing spacer/washer if the star drag touches the body, maybe have a look at silvermax schematic to compare.
as far as i know the black max has a widish spacer in place of a click spring, try adding a flat spacer on either side and see if you get extra stopping power, 2lb is nothing (2lb only good when cranking with a heavy rod wahaha) and by moving the star drag as far back as possible could give better stopping pressure, this is an easy exercise as you dont have to remove the side plate off but only the handle.
pure fishing will help you but i have a feeling they'll ask for the reel.
Morning Dollar. Correct. The widesh spacer is in place below the () washers. Have already tried extra spacers but to no avail. :eusa_think:
eish chucks, because of conflicting schematics, i have the following blue max schematic which should be as per the black max
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 201801.pdf</a><!-- m -->
please zoom in and check the sequence, if correctly installed as per sketch then checked if part 62 (pressure washer is not concaved) and the pressed extrusion is not facing inside but outwards the iar bearing, lastly that this washer is not bent inwards from over tightening. you will also notice part 67 is missing, either 66 is the wide washer but as i sugested to add the extra spacers and still it doesnt work. to me it should work because you pulling the star drag further out. if all is in order then just make cut new drag washer (parts 59 and 61) - 2 to 3mm thick out of leather for testing or double the existing drags with drags from another reel. keep us posted
all i hear is "blacksam, blacksam", while RipRap's cursing i gonna add by hi-jacking his thread, has anyone seen tsi 321 or tsi 301 oil for sale in your cape?
Haha, back to the space program we go.

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I just use normal synthetic reel oil available at most tackle shops but this looks interesting.
to me, no matter what you have, reel performance is important. there is some decent oils and grease on the market but of late i have been dissapointed with my all time favourite oil, reelx. i have aslo mailed corrosionx in texas to clarify and still awaiting a answer.
what i look for is longivity, spin and protection, just hate it when you service something then after a short while it lacks its performance and worse, corrosion started to build or a burnt out bearing.
I use Penn synthetic.
Problem solved - the pressure washer is not flat like many reels are and the pressed extrusion faces down on the main gear and actually has a limited minimum gap for the drag washer before this extrusion pushes against the gear so therefore the washer must be compressed!

I could machine down this extrusion but the easiest was to just rob a drag washer from an old Browning reel (slightly smaller OD) and double up on the washers and now I can even get full lock drag yet still smooth. :eusa_dance:
Hot sauce = stock standard firearm oil. Cheap and readily available from any gun shop.
hey RipRap, almost there bud
the pressure washer extrusion should face the handle and not towards the brass gear. this extrusion acts like a washer. other reels dont have this extrusion but are supplied with an additional washer. anyways glad you have right now its just to reel in that piggie...
The schematics show it to the inside.......... :?



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