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Abu spares

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get a match and burnt it.
this following image shows how the sequence works, although it has multiple washers the last one (left handside of image) sits facing the handle.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... min2PU0YEg</a><!-- m -->

another pictorial from Alan Tani site, not a black max but will do, scroll down and see the de-assemble and the assemble
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... pic=4347.0</a><!-- m -->
you would agree that any bearing requires a washer on either side of it, these washers allow the bearing to run. in your case you the inner sleeve of the iar bearing sitting directly above the pressure disk, the extrusion works as a washer. i can also see why anyone could get wrong by looking at the drag inside, the o.d. fits smug into the brass geat but the i.d. sits miles away from the main brass shaft, here would think the extrusion from pressure should fit, this open space i fill with drag grease to help lubicate the drag.
so, unpack the tool box, get a beer and get going, your son is fishing tomorrow with his newly repaired reel.
why you still reading, go go go
Aha............interesting although there is a washer between the pressure washer and the IAR sleeve. Makes sense. Thanks.
ok, i see your schematic, for some reason when i saw your reply it didnt load and i replied with the above, question do you have that small washer that sits above the pressure plate? if so, then leave it as is and go fishing :-)

edit- coming to think of it, the schematic could be showing the extrusion from underside, not meaning that the extrusion fits inside :eusa_think:

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