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Good evening, has anybody fished Renosterkop recently? Work has kept me busy and I have not been able to go and fish for the last 6 weeks and want to try either Renosterkop or RDW this coming weekend with my Dad fishing from my Crackleback.
So we decided to go to RDW as the traffic to Renosterkop on a Saturday morning at 05:30 is just too hectic. Got at the gate at around 06:45 and at the water just before 07:00 to find only one other boating just getting ready to launch. We were on the water by 07:15. It was a lovely day with the weather and only a light easterly wind, the temperature was not cold at all. We tried the shallower water towards the right of the dam wall and only got some small ones. We then moved across from the launch site and tried this side all the way towards the salad bowl (now a nice island) with also only small ones between 400-750g.
There was no particular pattern but fishing slow on the bottom got all the bites. We then decided to move to the river part and I would like to inform everybody to be careful when reaching the real shallow waters as there are some nasty train rails that is planted and is just sticking out of the water now. not sure if it used to be for a fence but the water is about 1.3m deep in this area and from the area where the pontoon boat is moored, I would rather use my trolling motor and check what is in the water ahead.
There is also plenty of crocs around in this area and also lots of birds and wild life that makes this a great dam to fish, even if the fish does not play along.
In the river small black and red spinnerbaits with willow blades worked well fished along the weed banks. Got some bigger ones but nothing spectacular.
Even if the fishing is slower in the cooler winter weather, it is much better than the 40 degree heat during mid summer at RDW!
Also just watch out for some nasty pot holes driving on the tar road between the Reserve and the N1 off ramp.
Thanks for the report back and warning about the current dangers Jafta1.

It does sound like you guys had a great day!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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