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Rust de Winter - Current Conditions

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I'm new to BFSA although I've been around the bass scene pretty much my whole life.

I've recently moved from New Zealand so I'm still getting into the swing of things.

Does anyone know the current conditions at Rust de Winter? Water level, clarity...

I'm heading out there tomorrow for a day and really keen on NOT BLANKING :eusa_pray:

Any help or advice will be super awesome!
Welcome Bif. Enjoy your stay.

I am sure someone will respond soon
Regards Robert Jacobs
Howzit Navrik, thanks for the welcome!

Two weeks ago I was fishing De Hoop. I was absolutely amazed! Good turn out tooo surely nearly 50 boats. Such a stunning dam. Now I am sure RDW won't be remotely as good as De Hoop... but still there is some "Hoop"

Another kiwi... I fish with one up in Jhb already...

Rustie's is ok at the moment. I'd probably head up river to start with.

Check your PM
Howzit JfM,

I'm actually not a Kiwi. Born in SA, tried immigration but when my son was born the NZ gov wouldn't assist in my son and wife's medical care (6 months ICU). Long story I was forced to return to SA.

I hit Rust de Winter on Tuesday. Man the water level is low! I was shocked to see the water line 50m from the slipway. I had to drive in quite a distance too, just to get my boat deep enough to manage a slight floating wobble. Slammed my car into "D" and put my foot down hard hoping my boat would get a fright and jump off the trailer.

Hit the river first some good fishing but mostly juveniles. Its terribly cute seeing a bass smaller than your bait hitting with such aggression.

Most of the bigger fish were on the steep bank opposite the launch. There I was averaging 1 - 1.5 kg. I then trawled over the hippos sh*t myself properly! Its one of those moments when you not really worried about yourself, your just thinking "please leave my boat alone"

All in all it was a great day fishing, all of the bigger bass staying in deeper water on the 8m - 10m mark. Nothing super big but I'm guessing its not that kind of a venue.
I believe this is the lowest RDW has been in +- 10 Years

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