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Poortjies advice

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Hi all

I am goin to Poortjies this weekend. I have fished a couple of comps there and did decently, but I have never been able to catch a fatty there. Any advice on tactics and locations from the experts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Hi, I fish poortjies often.. The biggest fish I've caught is 2.9kg.

No reason why there shouldn't be bigger just cant manage to find them... I think one of the kick boat guys caught one just over 3kg a while back...

You better fish it hard.... the farm is sold and Ronel & family have to be out of the house in June 2016.

Ronel only allowed us access because of the pocket money she got out of it...

The new owners will not live there as they area from CT and from what I gather the second house at he back will be renovated and they (in my opinion) won't like traffic through their yard on the weekend..
That's not great news Any specific area you would advise to fish and possible baits?
To be honest it all depends on the day... I've caught them everywhere on the dam... Cranks work well... Lots of bluegill in the water.

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