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Goedertrouw Dam - accom

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Don't be so vague Jeremy.......what brand??

Check this:


"Only Florida strain largemouth get that big, I'm sure we have some very big fish in our waters but I don't think that big.
Those huge Bass caught out of the Californian lakes are present because they release thousands of trout into the lakes every year - Trout make Bass very big
I personally know of a 7.5kg found dead after choking on a 2kg Tilapia in a Natal South Coast farm dam and I know of a 7.5kg bass speared out of Inanda some 10 years ago, so there are definitely new SA records swimming around I just don't think up to 10kg though.
My bet is that the next SA record will come out of Goedetrouw. For those of you that don't know Goedetrouw was used as a test platform for fish harvesting (well that was the goal anyway), with the new government it was all forgotten. It is the only dam in SA that has only pure Florida strain in it (no Northerns and therefore no hybrids), but it was also stocked with all sorts of other interesting fish. It has Nembwe and some other huge fish in it, but also has lots of different types of baitfish, including the freshwater Shad (from the US).
The Natal fish-off there last year had 3 x 5 fish bags over 17kg"

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Very interesting read Rip
The more I learn about fishing the more I realise
how much more I have to learn about fishing.
Hi guys.

I went there bout 3-4 weeks ago, the dam is the lowest it has been in a very long time, this being the biggest drought in 45 years!
There is no slipway, and the waters edge is only silt, we tried launching, but could not even get the boat in , after much of a effort and damage to my trailer we got the boat in, water is as dirty as you can get it, did not have one single bite for the entire day.

To get the boat out, well that is a complete new story!

So ya, avoid it if you can bud!

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