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Rust de Winter closed?

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Last night at the Pretoria Bassmasters Club meeting we were discussing a venue for the next fishoff. Well everybody mentioned RDW but the problem is the dam is closed for organized angling.

The rumour has it that developers are buying up the reserve and the farms around the dam to develop housing, does anybody have any knowledge of this?

Apparently boats are being stopped once the access gate people realize there is a organized event happening by watching the team clothing and emblems on pockets.

RDW had provided many an angler with good memories and is a pristine venue for bass fishing. Please keep your ears to the ground for more detail and report back.
Hi Lukas.

Is RDW a private, or public body of water?
Drew, I think it is owned by the goverment being a Nature Reserve, but I recon every piece of land does have its price. at this stage we are all in the dark but the organized fishing events are being stopped by the authorities. Sad but true.
I have spoken to one of the developers involved, he is a friend of mine and a fellow fisherman. The land on the Western shores is a private game reserve this land has been ear marked for the development of an exclusive golf resort, however they are still negotiating figures. Apprently the owner wants R30mil for the land but it is only valued at R15mil.

This should not effect the entrance at the public side of the dam. That being said this is the SA goverment we are speaking about and what goes on behind closed doors is anyones guess especially when money is involved.
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A while ago, I read the new laws regarding water usage. They way I understood it, is if you run a profit generating event, then you have to pay a royalty / fee to do this. Maybe we are seeing the first signs of this law being practiced... whether it is gazetted yet or not, is another story :roll:
I have also heard mention of a land claim involving Rust de Winter
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How sad to see development and greed fudge everything up.... :-? :-(

Hopefully you guys are going to be able to fish it again soon.... :-?

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
This is really sad stuff, I enjoyed the nature scenes there and to think that it will have to make space for a golf course brakes one's hart.
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I agree with you VX, it is really one of the more scenic dams, it reminds me a lot of Loskopdam when you are up in the river section...and loskop must be one of my favourites, Rust de winter is just closer !!

Did you read in the weekends paper about the enviromental disaster that is happening at loskop...lots of infected water (dont remember all the names of the metals and chemicals) from the mines are being pumped into the olifants river that end up in loskop, they say it might cause thousands of fish to die, and loskop will eventually become a sterile piece of water if it is not stopped soon !!!
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